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The Navigational Computer (usually referred to as NaviComp) is a multi-purpose device installed on most spacecraft stages other than 1st stages. It is used to navigate to and along waypoints in space and to show the spacecraft's current heading and direction of flight, which is essential during orbital maneuvering, interplanetary travel and docking. With the recent update, most non-vehicular objects (station modules, fuel silos, etc.) no longer have NaviComps and therefore do not display their movement vectors or waypoints when selected. Those that do, are listed here. Furthermore, a source of Power (e.g. batteries, solar panels, CSgt Nuclear Generators) is required to use NaviComps. NaviComps require one unit of power.


  • Waypoint-related
    • Displays and stores waypoints, their names, and their coordinates
    • Can create, delete, and rename waypoints
    • Emits warning sounds and changes waypoint color when 200 or 100 units away from a waypoint
  • Maneuvering-related
    • Displays shapes, guidelines and target areas during training or Missions
    • Displays the spacecraft's current heading and velocity vector when not in orbit
    • Calculates and displays the spacecraft's heading, orbital trajectory and orbit escape path when in orbit
    • Automatic assistance during alignment with a waypoint or the velocity vector when not in orbit


The NaviComp's built-in display and keypad

Although most of the NaviComp's functionality is either automatic or appears on the HUD, it is possible to directly control it using its keypad and read additional information on its built-in display. That way it is possible to:

  • Manually switch the NaviComp on and off
  • Navigate through the complete list of waypoints
  • Check the spacecraft's or any waypoints coordinates
  • Check the position of a waypoint relative to the spacecraft at any time (as opposed to only if it is closer than 1000 NaviComp units)
  • Waypoints within 1,000 NaviComp units appear transparent green.
  • Waypoints within 500 NaviComp units appear green.
  • Waypoints within 200 NaviComp units appear amber or orange.
  • Waypoints within 100 NaviComp units appear red and another chime plays.
  • Create, rename and delete waypoints
    • To create a new waypoint at your current location, press the new button, then name it using alphabet/numerical keypad, after that, press save. 
    • To rename a waypoint, select the waypoint that want to renamed by using the arrow keys to find it, then press the alphabetical/numerical key, after that, press save.
    • To delete that waypoint, select the waypoint that want to deleted by using the the arrow keystone find it, then press CLR, press Y key or press CLR again to confirm.

It is advisable to turn off the NaviComp using the visible power button on the very top left when taking a screenshot as all the waypoint markers disappear, making a cleaner view. However, it must be noted that it takes approximately 7 seconds for the NaviComp to turn back on. A NaviComp will also shut down due to repeated collisions, and will need to be turned back on manually.


  • There was likely an error in Tutorial 4. It said "amber", instead of "orange" because Andy forgot to change the color name.