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The N1-LK-LOK or N1-L3 (original) was a Soviet rocket that competed with the Saturn V during the Space Race in the late 1960s. It was cancelled due to lack of funds. 

In-game, it is used in Mission 21 to go to and land on RED.

The N1-LOK-LK is assembled as follows:

  1. N1 Block A
  2. N1 Block B
  3. N1 Block V
  4. LK Lander Legs
  5. LK Lander Core
  6. N1 Payload Fairing
  7. LOK Service Module
  8. LOK Crew Capsule
  9. LOK Docking Module
  10. LOK Fairing
  11. N1 Escape Tower


  • Each of the four attempts to launch an N1 failed. During the second launch attempt the N1 rocket fell back onto its launch pad shortly after liftoff and exploded, resulting in one of the largest artificial non-nuclear explosions in human history.
    • The reason why the second launch failed in such a way was because immediatly engine 12 shut off. To equalize the weight, the KORD shut off engine 24. A few seconds later multiple engines shut off. Then the KORD shut off every other engine except engine 18 which caused the rocket to tilt 40 degrees and fall back onto the launch pad, destroying it.
  • Although the rocket did not make it past lift off, its first stage was the most powerful ever built, consisting of 30 engines. 
  • It, along with the Saturn V and the SLS, is capable of lifting the heaviest modules in the game.  
  • On the real N1 rocket, there was a fourth stage known as the Block G, which would be used in the travelling to the Moon. This part was not added at Space Agency.

The N1 variants

The real N1 rocket

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