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In Mission 5, named Orbital Rendezvous, you are tasked with launching 2 Resupply Module Dockable into orbit and docking them together.



Resupply Docked Angkasa-X

Two resupply modules in docked position while in orbit

Award Cost Time Checkpoints
GoldTrophy-50 Gold < $14,000,000 < 4m No
SilverTrophy-50 Silver < $16,000,000 < 4m 30s Yes or no
BronzeTrophy-50 Bronze < $20,000,000 < 6m Yes or no
  • Launch two Resupply Modules into orbit.
  • Dock the two modules together in orbit.
  • Budget: $20,000,000
  • Max time: 6:00


This is a preparatory test flight for a future manned Moon landing mission.

We need to know if it is possible to dock two modules together while in orbit.


Using two separate rockets, launch a pair of resupply modules into space.

Once they are both in orbit carefully bring them together and dock them.


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