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Mission 35, named Sports Car Launch, requires the successful completion of two separate tasks:

  • Use the LP1 to launch the Sports Car and land the rocket successfully on its Landing Pad.
  • Fly the Sports Car to RED and place it successfully in orbit around the planet.
  • Make Elon Musk proud


Mission shortly before completion

Award Cost Time Checkpoints
GoldTrophy-50.png Gold <= $10,000,000 <=8m 20s No
SilverTrophy-50.png Silver <= $15,000,000 <=16m 40s Yes
BronzeTrophy-50.png Bronze <= $20,000,000 <=20m 0s Yes
  • Launch and land the LP1
  • Travel to RED
  • Release the Sports Car into orbit
  • Budget: $20,000,000
  • Max time: 20m 0s


  • This mission is an analogue to the Falcon Heavy launch which will carry a Tesla Roadster past Mars. In the real mission the car will not enter orbit, instead flying by and entering a permanent orbit around the Sun. The orbit will most likely put it on an orbit that will pass by Mars once every (approximately) 600 years.
  • The sports car cannot be landed due to the fact that it instantly explodes on contact.
  • This mission unlocks the Sports Car for use in Sandbox.
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