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Mission 20, named ADS Phase II, can be a bit tricky. You'll need to launch two ADS Sensor Wings to and dock with your previously launched ADS Core Module. The wings must be docked to the module, with the antenna away from the module (correct orientation shown in the diagram to the right.) This addition to the ADS module is followed by Mission 29 and Mission 34, which finishes the station.



Award Cost Time Checkpoints
GoldTrophy-50 Gold < $18,000,000 < 12m No
SilverTrophy-50 Silver < $40,000,000 < 15m Yes
BronzeTrophy-50 Bronze < $100,000,000 < 20m Yes
  • Add a ADS Sensor Wing to port 1
  • Add an ADS Sensor Wing to port 2
  • Connect the first Wing to the Core Modules power source
  • Connect the second Wing to the Core Modules power source
  • Budget: $100,000,000
  • Max time: 20m

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