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Mission 17, named ADS Phase I, is the beginning of space construction of the ADS station or Asteroid Detection System. The ADS Core Module will need to be launched into space and flown to a parking space at x601, y-1477. This module resembles a Station Module Large, but with a portion cut out and with two more docking ports.



ADS in the mission description

Award Cost Time Checkpoints
GoldTrophy-50.png Gold < $98,475,000 < 7m No
SilverTrophy-50.png Silver < $100,000,000 < 12m Yes
BronzeTrophy-50.png Bronze < $120,000,000 < 15m Yes
  • Launch ADS Core Module into orbit
  • Dock a Resupply Module with it
  • Move the core module into the target zone
  • Budget: $120,000,000
  • Max time: 15m


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