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Mission 15, named Grand Tour, is a lengthy mission. You'll launch and dock the Voyager-X Antenna and the Voyager-X Main Body together to form a Voyager-X spacecraft, then travel to LUN, GRN, RED, and YEL. You must also photograph each planet to complete this mission.




Award Cost Time Checkpoints
GoldTrophy-50.png Gold < $22,000,000 < 14m No
SilverTrophy-50.png Silver < $50,000,000 < 17m Yes or no
BronzeTrophy-50.png Bronze < $100,000,000 < 20m Yes or no
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  • Launch the Voyager X Antenna into orbit
  • Launch the Voyager X Body into orbit
  • Dock the two parts together
  • Connect the Antennas power
  • Photograph LUN
  • Photograph GRN
  • Photograph RED
  • Photograph YEL
  • Budget: $100,000,000
  • Max time: 20m


  • Because the Voyager-X Main Body has a rather low fuel capacity (for both main fuel and thruster propellant), try to use as least fuel as possible.


  • This mission unlocks the Voyager-X Antenna, the Voyager-X Main Body and the Saturn 1B first stage for use in the Sandbox.
  • You will still complete the mission even if the probe crashes into YEL (if you make sure to photograph it before it gets destroyed).
  • This mission was likely named after a cancelled NASA project titled the Grand Tour program that would launch robotic spacecraft to visit all the outer planets including Pluto. The project was cancelled due to its enormous cost, and was later replaced by the Voyager Program, from which Mission 15 was based on.
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