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The MSS Before adding the CSgt Nuclear Generator.
The MSS Before adding the CSgt Nuclear Generator.

NaviComp name MSS
NaviComp coordinates

X: 250
Y: -2000

MSS is a space station visited in Missions 11, 19 and 33. In the second mission, you assist a foreign country by helping them regain control of the MSS. After your first mission to MSS, you gain all the parts that it includes, except for the Soyuz modules and CSgt Nuclear Generator, the latter of which is unlocked at Mission 33 instead.


  • This is the only location where Soyuz modules can be accessed prior to completing Mission 19.
  • It is believed that this is in-game version of the Mir Space Station even though it was not a secret to the rest of the world in real life due to the naming and the presence of Russian spacecraft (the green LOK)
  • One of the parts on this station is a green LOK Docking Module; it can't be launched in the Sandbox or later career missions.
  • The LOK looks like an analogue of the Russian Resupply Module (Progress).
  • The Soyuz used in the N1 mission does not have solar panels and has a larger fuel shield nozzle.

    MSS evolution

800px-Mir diagram

A diagram of the real-life Mir Space Station

Mir Space Station viewed from Endeavour during STS-89

A real-life picture of Mir. Space Agency's version of this space station has the exact same orientation as seen in this picture.