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The Long March (长征) is a rocket (specifically, a family/group of rockets) developed, manufactured, and used by the People's Republic of China. It is named "Long March" to symbolize the Chinese communist history.

A unique design feature is that each stage has a "built-in" connector, allowing for direct stage to stage connection. This eliminates the need to use a connector between stages, and thus saves weight and allows for greater lift values. The N1-LK-LOK also utilizes this feature.

The design used is most likely based off the 3C design, but with two stages instead of three.

A Long March launch

Here's how to assemble the rocket:

  1. Long March 1st Stage
  2. Long March Solid Boosters
  3. Long March 2nd Stage
  4. Fairing Long (Small)

You can add payloads as you wish.

Long March parts are useful in career missions as they work well and are very cheap.

The Long March family

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