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A Titan II rocket able to ignite its engines.

Launch is the phase after building a rocket before and during its ascent through HOM's atmosphere. Rockets sit on the launch pad. The pre-launch phase is 20 seconds long, and during that time, the VO will say a few things. At T-20, he says "T minus 20 seconds.", before saying "All systems nominal." at T-16. At T-10, he will start counting down, and at T-8 the igniters will start. When the engines are successfully ignited, he will state "Engine Start".


At T-0, the VO says "Lift off.", and the launch clamps release the rocket. If boosters are mated to the rocket, the VO will announce "Booster ignition and liftoff." instead. As soon as the rocket clears the tower, the altitude gauge appears and the VO says "Tower cleared.". Approximately a third of the way up, the roll gauge will begin to turn, beginning the gravity turn (indicated by the VO saying "Commence roll program."). At some point the boosters run out of fuel, and the VO says "Booster Sep". When the a stage is jettisoned the VO will say "Stage Sep", often followed by a connector seperation ("Skirt Sep"). As the rocket increases its altitude, the sky becomes darker and stars soon appear with the rocket becoming near weightless. When the rocket passes the top of the Altitude Gauge, the screen transitions to orbit.


  • Rockets can overheat and explode if a fairing is not used on the rocket.
  • One way avoid instant failure (by the thrusters failing to fire) is to ignite the engines as soon as possible, then reigniting them when the counter is near 0.
  • On Apple devices smoke can be seen coming from the rocket, this also occurs on some (but not all) Android devices.
  • A good way of saving fuel is cutting the engines when the stage seperation button greys out.
  • If you are launching a rocket with a N1 Block A first stage the clamps are smaller and have arrows on them.
  • Even though the Roll Program is incorrectly named, as the rocket is tilting on its Y-axis, and should be called the Yaw Program instead, NASA referred to it as the "Roll Program" & the "Roll Maneuver" during every launch of both the Space Shuttle and the Apollo rockets.
  • You can skip the launch sequence to t-6 by tapping the countdown timer.
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