The LOK Service Module is a part of the Soyuz-LOK spacecraft, and is a part of the N1-LK-LOK and Soyuz rockets.

Gemini Service Module, a Crew Capsule, or a LOK Crew Capsule can be attached to it before launch in the Rocket Build menu.

It acts as an service module, like the Gemini Service Module, Apollo Service Module and Orion Service Module.

The module has an unusual feature where it cannot connect to some parts such as Connector Small to Small.


The Soyuz in real life.

  • In real life, the Soyuz spacecraft have 5 variants: the Soyuz, the Soyuz-T, the Soyuz-TM, the Soyuz-TMA, and the Soyuz-LOK.
  • Apparently, there is an unlaunchable variant of the module known as the Soyuz Service Module, which is identical to its launchable counterpart.
  • Except the Soyuz-LOK, others are designed to orbit Earth only.
  • The Soyuz-LOK is used together with the Soyuz-LK lander to carry out the Soviet moon-landing plan, which never took place.
  • The Soyuz-LOK used on the proposed Soviet moon-landing did not have solar panels, rather, it was powered by fuel cells, much like the Apollo missions. The variant with solar panels would be the 7K-L1 spacecraft, better known as "Zond". It was also longer than a normal Soyuz used in LEO.
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