The LOK Docking Module is a part of the LOK spacecraft, and also part of the N1-LK-LOK and Soyuz rockets.

This module is customarily mated to the Soyuz Crew Capsule, and is seen docked with the MSS in Mission 11 and Mission 19. It will be unlocked in Mission 20. Then, it is used in conjunction with the N1-LK-LOK rocket in Mission 21.

There are two different designs of this module:

The standard gray-colored variant is accessible to game players for regular use; it is not shown being equipped with communications antennae and appears in the vehicle selection menu as "LOK Dock Mod".

The other variant is green in color and has two small communications antennas attached to its hull, appearing in the vehicle selection menu as "Soyuz Dock Mod". This variant is found docked to MSS during Career Mode or after Mission 11 in sandbox (two initially; after Mission 19 only one). It can also be coded into a sandbox's .sasbx file.

Why the green Soyuz Docking Module is exclusive to the MSS is currently unknown.


  • In real life, this part is named the Soyuz Orbital Module.
  • The LOK Docking Module has built-in NaviComp capability, even though it does not have maneuvering ability.
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