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The LOK Crew Capsule is part of the LOK spacecraft, and is a part of the N1-LK-LOK and Soyuz rockets.

It can also be put it on a Gemini Service Module. Like the Orion, Gemini Capsule and Crew Capsule, it can splash down on any planet with an atmosphere.

It comes pre-loaded with a Battery, an Oxygen Tank and a Carbon Dioxide Scrubber by default, which cannot be accessed when attached to the LOK Docking Module.

This capsule is seen docked with the MSS in Mission 11, and to complete re-entry and splashdown in Mission 19. It is unlocked for use in Sandbox Mode by completing Mission 20. It is needed to build an N1-LK-LOK rocket in Mission 21.


PSX 20171227 202028.jpg

  • In real life, this part is named the Soyuz Descent Module.
  • In the interior view, what appears to be an Astronauts G-couch is seen.
  • When docked to a station, it is impossible to refit the cargo of the crew capsule, due to the default being the LOK Docking Module. 
  • The LOK Crew Capsule can be stacked on top of itself, producing some interesting results. 

A modified LOK with 3 Crew Capsules

  • if you put more than 2 on top of each other the Astronauts can not get between module but really it just cuts the air off because there are no astronauts. Updates