Similar in design and purpose as the Lunar Module Descent vehicle, the LK Lander Legs is a part of the LK Lander used for landing (in Mission 21, on RED). This part is used for full construction of an N1-LK-LOK rocket.

The LK Lander Legs on RED.

A variety of parts can be placed on top of the LK Landing Legs, such as small second stage rocket parts, station parts, and payloads (see TRIVIA below).

This part itself has no fuel, propellant, or Battery and thus relies on the LK Lander Core as the engines.


  • This was to be launched with the Soviet N1 rocket, but that rocket was never successfully used with only 4 launches to its name, of which all failed. The rocket may have been successful if not for the fall of the Soviet Union.
  • No plans in real life were made to visit Mars with this lander, but to increase the diversity of missions, the lander visits RED in game.
  • Although the LK Lunar Module is physically larger than the Apollo Lunar Module in the game, in real-life the Apollo LM is much larger than the LK Lander.
  • Although this part has the take-a-photo button it cannot take a photo because it does not have any batteries after separation.

Size comparison between the real-life Lunar Module and LK Lander


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