JOR as photographed by a fly-by spacecraft.

NaviComp name JOR
NaviComp coordinates

X: 2071
Y: 126

Has atmosphere No
Has solid surface Yes
Can be landed on Yes
Can be splashed-down on No
JOR is a dark planet explored in Mission 26. Landing on JOR is possible due to it having a solid surface and no atmosphere. It has a high gravitational pull, making it easy to crash on the surface. It is also the second furthest from HOM at 2.9K units. Only ENC is further than JOR from HOM.

During the final seconds of touchdown, the lander's motor stirs up clouds of deep-blue and indigo coloured particles, although the planet is not deep blue or indigo.

From JOR you can only reach EMA (724).
SpaceAgency 25201823529

JOR as seen from the Voyager-X probe.



  • JOR's distance precludes most players from often visiting the planet.
  • A user-conducted geometric positioning experiment performed using the NaviComps of a spacecraft indicates that JORs calculated diameter is 8 Units. (see comments section below)
  • JOR's rotation is approximately 24 seconds
  • The SOL system has 3 main "arms", with JOR being at the end of the bottom right one. 
  • JOR, along with KAT and EMA, is the only planet that is not able to be explored. 
  • JOR is the darkest object in the entire Space Agency Game excluding the background. 
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