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A picture of Jupiter showing a rocket and a waypoint to Uranus.
A picture of Jupiter showing a rocket and a waypoint to Uranus.

NaviComp name GOL
NaviComp coordinates

X: -1200
Y: 800

Has atmosphere Yes
Has solid surface No
Can be landed on No
Can be splashed-down on Yes

Jupiter, or GOL on the NaviComp, is the largest planet in the game. It has a deep, golden-colored atmosphere, and atmospheric entry is difficult due to the depth of the atmosphere and size of the planet, but still possible. Successful entry will result in a splash-down into a gray ocean. The planet seems to have on sudden atmosphere cutoff, like HOM. GOL, along with ENC and PUR (not counting fuel-saving techniques), are the only planets not officially visited by a Career Mission.

From GOL (+19) you can only reach BLU (755).


  • GOL's atmosphere is the thickest among all of the planets.
  • GOL is the only planet located in the bottom left quadrant.
  • GOL seems to be the game's analogue of Jupiter.
  • A geometric positioning experiment conducted by 2020dragons revealed that GOL's radius is 9 NaviComp units (excluding the atmosphere) and not 4.5 as originally reported.
  • GOL's counterpart in Space Agency 2138 may be Golgon, as the two planets share the first three letters of their names.
  • Studies by the 3AP agency's probe GOLEx, which used pixel movement to measure the rotation of GOL's atmosphere, suggest that the planet rotates in a clockwise direction, and rotates fast.  
    • The probe recently carried out Length of Day studies on GOL and based on a circumference of roughly 18.9 units, it is believe that GOL's rotation is roughly 19 seconds.