A space station as it explodes, possibly as a result of a high velocity impact of a spacecraft or free floating station module

Explosions are a game mechanic in Space Agency that depict parts being destroyed, resulting in the disappearance of the part from the universe it was in. There are two missions requiring part destruction, which are Missions 7 and 22, whose targets are an enemy spy satellite and a faulty Resupply Module Dockable respectively. Because of the nature of explosions, they are deadly to entire space stations, so it's best to save often while building one in Sandbox.


There are a variety of events that can make parts explode:

  • Explosive Module detonation when attached to another module
  • Refuel Module and Station Refuel Silo self-destruction when not docked to anything
  • Parts rotating too fast in space
  • High-speed collisions with other parts or planets
    • Overlapping parts also have this risk if undocked
  • Overheating
  • Another part attached to it has exploded 0.33 seconds before
  • A rocket's self-destruction when falling
  • A rocket crashing into the ground during launch
  • Parts crashing into a landable planet like RED.
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