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The Eagle 8 is a medium first stage reusable launch vehicle, available only as a premium part when the NooleusX is purchased.

Upon jettisoning the Eagle 8's first stage, the progress of the launch is placed on hold while the player attempts to land the first stage onto the landing pad. After this phase is completed (successful or not), the launch resumes and the player continues with trying to get the payload to orbit.

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In Sandbox play, successfully returning the Eagle 8 First Stage to the landing pad rewards the player with one free Quick Launch.

NOTE: The awarding of the Quick Launch happens immediately after a successful landing, and is not dependent upon the payload successfully reaching orbit.


  • Unlike conventional non-reusable rockets, the engines of the Eagle 8 can be ignited as late as when the Countdown Clock reaches zero and the rocket is falling after the Tower Support Arms release it.
  • The Eagle 8 is meant to be SpaceX's Falcon 9, a rocket which, like Eagle 8, lands back on a solid surface after being jettisoned.
  • If the thrust button is pressed while this stage is detached, the side engines will constantly fire, using up fuel and being impossible to stop.
  • The engine at the centre appears to ignite instantly, but the side engines seem to take a short amount of time to ignite.
  • It is not recommended to jettison the Eagle 8 first stage on a height above the clouds, as it will not be able to slow down enough for a stable landing, and will explode on the ground, even if the engine is ignited during the entire performance.
  • This is the tallest medium stage in the game.
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