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Pluto photographed by Orlets-8.
Pluto photographed by Orlets-8.

NaviComp name ENC
NaviComp coordinates

X: 700
Y: -4700

Has atmosphere No
Has solid surface Yes
Can be landed on Yes
Can be splashed-down on No

Pluto (ENC) is a remote planet, and the one furthest away from HOM (3019 units away) and SOL (4752 units away). It has a white appearance, and because of its waypoint name it is likely to be an analog to the dwarf-planet Pluto. It has a solid surface, and can be landed on by landers. ENC, like BLU and JOR, also seems to have a high gravitational pull which can make landing on there somewhat difficult.  

From ENC (+10) you can only reach YEL (950).


  • Its radius is 7 NaviComp units.
  • Because of its distance, not many players have the patience to land on ENC. It is perhaps one of the least visited planets, among which include KAT, EMA, and JOR.
  • Its gravity is 1 yellow bar and 1/8th of the next.
  • It is never visited in the career or tutorial missions.
  • Ironically it is larger than YEL, despite probably being based off of Enceladus, which is a moon of Saturn.