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Draco Fairing is a premium part medium-sized fairing and currently the smallest fairing in the game. Similar to the Fairing Aero (unless the Fairing Aero is protecting an Explosive Module), it only serves to protect the Draco Crew Capsule or Draco Cargo Capsule's docking port. Unlike other fairings, the Draco Fairing simply drops off when detached rather than separating into two halves.


  • Though it is classified as Medium-Size, in actual side-by-side comparison to all other parts, it is technically the "smallest" part in the game.
  • It can be installed successfully on the Orion Crew Capsule and will perform as designed until it is ejected at when the first stage will detach, though aesthetically it looks irregular. (See illustration below)
  • In real life, it's the counterpart of the opening and closing Dragon docking port cover.

Though it looks out of place, it functions properly when mounted atop the Orion Crew Capsule

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