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Some or all of the features on this page require the NooleusX in-app purchase.


The Draco Crew Capsule is a medium-sized premium part which is part of the NooleusX reusable rocket. This multi-stage rocket is comprised of several different stages, parts and payloads.

It is an add-on (similar to the Transponder Module) and thus only available to users via purchase. It can not be unlocked via gameplay, unlike most other rockets.

Though the Draco Crew Capsule is part of the NooleusX rocket system, it may be mixed and matched with non-premium rocket components for launch.

The Draco Crew Capsule has two built-in rocket engines as well regular thrusters, allowing for greater maneuverablity in space. It also has 5 cargo slots, which makes it comparable to an atmosphere re-entry capable resupply module.


  • The Draco Crew Capsule is the largest capsule in the game; yet in reality, the Orion Crew Capsule is actually physically larger.

SpaceX's Dragon V2 Capsule, the real life inspiration of Draco Crew Capsule

  • It appears to be based on SpaceX's Dragon V2 capsule.
    • The crew capsule also seems to be named after the Draco thrusters mounted on both of the Dragon capsules.