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A Cupola is a space station part which serves a decorative function.

The Cupola has one docking port, similar to the Habitation Module and ISAAC Module

It consumes 10 Power.


The cupola aboard the ISS

  • In real life, a cupola is a large "bay window" in a structure, such as a spacecraft, aircraft, building, etc, which offers a wide view of the area outside of the structure.
  • The cupola is possibly based on the one found in the ISS
  • It seems far heavier than its size would imply, relative to other parts in-game, being about as heavy as a Space Station Module, while only the size of a station hub.
  • A Cupola is used in the test crafts of mission 36 and 37. It's the only place where a Cupola can be found without launching one.
  • It is also used as a "cockpit" in Exploration Stations.