The Crew Capsule is used for launching astronauts into space. The heat shield which protects the crew and capsule from the intense heat of Atmospheric entry is incorporated into the wide round base of this module.

Utilizing its thrusters, it can be maneuvered downward or can rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Stored in the upper-most compartment of the capsule are the parachutes, which are deployed after the capsule reaches the lower atmosphere during re-entry. These parachutes slow the capsule's descent velocity to allow it to make a safe landing.

Also stored on board are several different types of inflatable stabilization devices, which are large puncture-proof inflatable flotation bags which keep the capsule right-side-up in the water and prevent it from sinking.


  • In real life, smoke flares are set off and environmentally-safe brightly-colored dyes are released into the water around the capsule to help the rescue teams spot the capsule at a distance.
  • It is likely to represent the old Apollo capsule which was intended for a direct ascent mission - this meant no landing module. (The final method used is known as Lunar Orbit Rendezvous.)

Stable landing positions:

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