The Credits display the names of the people who helped create the game and which parts of the game they created.

The credits can be accessed from the "gear" icon located to the upper-right of the Main screen. After clicking the gear icon, one must simply press the circle icon containing the letter (i). The credits will then play, and are shown below.

PSX 20171115 060424
Space Agency
Version 1.8.9 (iOS) or 1.9.0 (Android)

Concept and Design
Andrew Barry

Andrew Barry

Andrew Barry

Title Music
Dimitriy Rodionov

Launch Music
Dimitriy Rodionov

In-Space Music
Pavel Svejentsev

Mission Control Vocals
Tom Lion

Sound Effects
Andrew Barry


Copyright (c) 2012
Nooleus Software


  • Tom Lion is Andrew Barry himself, as he used an American accent voice modifier on his iPhone, and the modifier's name is "Tom". You can check it out in the #AskAndy event.
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