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Example of a Community Sandbox.

A Community Sandbox is a sandbox shared between 2 or more players.

This is accomplished by one player taking a turn then using the Share button to e-mail or share the sandbox with any other platform to share the sandbox.

Several Users here on the Wikia maintain Community Sandboxes. Please use the following link to review the list of Users and their Sandboxes: Community Sandboxes, or review the Community Sandbox galleries below.

Community Sandbox Owners

~ Angkasa-X ~

  • Status: Last active August 2018

~ FreeFlight Space Agency ~

  • Status: Last active August 2018

~ GeorgeGramm ~

  • Status: Last active February 2018

~ ISAAC Organization ~

  • Status: Last active February 2019

~ Jws29095 ~

  • Status: Last active September 2018

~ The Maths God ~

  • Status: Last active August 2018

~ Thecrazyspacesoviet ~

  • Status: Last active November 2018