Station Parts with Distinct Four Directions is a category for station parts which have distinct four directions, namely:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Forward
  • Backward


The Progress isn't a member of this category, as it is a spacecraft, though it has distinct four directions.

The Big Structural Part isn't a member of this category, though it is a station part, and has sides, but 2 sides are the same as well as the other two, much like a rectangle. The only sides you can make out are Length and Width, which are not directions.

The Asteroid Detection System's Core Module is a member of this category, because it is a station part, and that it has 2 unique sides, which make up for the right and left, and the right and left are discriminated by the forward and backward, the indented part and the non-indented one, much like when light creates a shadow to differentiate no light from with light.

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