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Career Mode is a game mode in Space Agency. It is a learning system and method of the player getting a vast majority of experience before moving into Sandbox mode.

Career Mode consists of 37 missions. Completing these missions unlocks new parts, planets and structures in Sandbox Mode. Career Mode missions must be completed in numeric order.

Each completed mission will be ranked as Bronze, Silver, or Gold, depending on how well the player has completed the mission. You can redo any mission already completed to improve the rank you received. The way how you are given the ratings: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Elite is based on how much time and money you spent, the more time and money spent the lower the rating you get. (Note: You will only get ranked if you completed the tutorials.)

At the top of the the player's mission progress chart is the player's "Commander" rating. If the player has completed the tutorial mode, the Commander badge will have "wings". The Commander badge will be rated as one of four different rankings, depending on how well the 37 missions were completed (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

Career Mode Mission List[]

Note: an asterisk (*) denotes that the mission is currently or was used to be the last.

  1. Satellite Launch
  2. Station Resupply
  3. Manned Flight
  4. Space Telescope
  5. Orbital Rendezvous
  6. New Station Hub
  7. Top-Secret
  8. Lunar Survey
  9. New Station Modules
  10. Telescope Service
  11. Top Secret II
  12. Solar Probes
  13. Station Crew Refresh
  14. Lunar Orbit
  15. Grand Tour
  16. Moon Landing*
  17. ADS Phase I
  18. Atmospheric Probe
  19. MSS Rescue
  20. ADS Phase II
  21. Red Planet Landing*
  22. Collision Course
  23. CO2 Build-Up
  24. Telescope Service II
  25. Station Fault
  26. New Worlds
  27. Oxygen Garden
  28. Seismometer
  29. ADS Expansion
  30. Shuttle Rescue*
  31. First Stage Landing
  32. First Stage Reuse*
  33. Nuclear MSS
  34. ADS Upgrade*
  35. Sports Car Launch*
  36. Ion Drive Test
  37. Linked Ion Drives*