ISAAC Organization ISAAC Organization 10 March 2017

Space Station Solaris (SRP)

Space Station Solaris: designation for NaviComp use has been assigned as "SRP", for it being a Solar Rsearch Platform. Solaris is an ISAAC Organization produced and operated facility.

Solaris is constructed of 39 modules, and utilizes 2 support spacecraft: 1 Space Pod, for outside station examination/maintenance, and 1 fully equipped Orion Spacecraft, for emergency station evacuation should a disaster or catastrophic event occur.

Manned with a crew of 6 scientists, each coming from ISAAC member nations. Solaris' sole scientific purpose is the study of SOL and to better understand how it affects our world, our lives and thus our future.

Crew rotation occurs every 6 months, at which time 3 new crew members are delivered to Solaris by Space Shuttle and t…

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ISAAC Organization ISAAC Organization 10 March 2017

Space Station Dreamcatcher (DRM)

  • 1 Space Station Dreamcatcher (DRM)
  • 2 Central Core
  • 3 Science Wings
  • 4 Power Grid
  • 5 International Space Association Agreement Cooperative

Space Station Dreamcatcher: designation for NaviComp use has been assigned as "DRM".

Dreamcatcher is comprised of five primary functional sections: one Central Core and four independent scientific units, known as "wings", aboard station. Each wing has been assigned to a different field of research.

Totalling 529 modules in all, this giant space station utilizes 14 support craft: 8 Orion Crew Capsules 4 Station Builder Tugs, and 2 Space Pods; and is currently being visited by 1 Space Shuttle, 2 Apollo Service Modules, 2 LOK Service Modules and 1 fully outfitted Orion Explorer Module.

The Central Core is the main living are…

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ISAAC Organization ISAAC Organization 10 March 2017

Space Vessel Mitchell (RRV)


ISAAC Member Countries of Manufacture: United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, India and Russia

Designation: Refuel and Re-Charge Vessel

Classification: Civilian Managed Facility

Power Supply: Solar

Manoverable: Yes

Crew Compliment: 2 crew members

Operational Lifespan: 20 years


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ISAAC Organization ISAAC Organization 10 March 2017

Space Station Kennedy (JFK)

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ISAAC Organization ISAAC Organization 10 March 2017

ISAAC Organization

The ISAAC Organization is a multi-national civilian organization which is dedicated to the peaceful exploration of outer space. Each member nation has secured the cooperation of its own governmental space agency; and many have also obtained financial support from corporate entities and civilian agencies to further the charter goals of the organization.

ISAAC stands for International Space Association Agreement Cooperative; and received its name in commemeration of Sir Isaac Newton. Numerous other scientists and explorers of the past are recognized for their advancement of science and knowledge through peaceful study. They have bettered our planet, and giving indescribable benefit to the human condition as a whole. ISAAC seeks to name spacecraft, sp…

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TameFroggy TameFroggy 8 March 2017

Update in a few months

On his Twitter in mid February, Andy Barry tweeted that there would be an update for Space Agency in a few months. I think that it might add the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy or both. What do you think the update will add?

- Falcon 9: Medium or Heavy rocket that is designed to launch the Dragon Spacecraft into orbit

- Falcon Heavy: Heavy rocket that will most likely be used to go to Mars, and can be used to carry heavy payloads (Station Refuel Silo) into orbit

- Dragon Spacecraft: Medium or Heavy successor to the Orion Spacecraft

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 7 March 2017

Project life scan

There is absolutely no doubt that extraterrestrial organisms are out there (or at least used to) and are just waiting to be discovered. Project lifescan will scan target planets GRN and KAT by using atmospheric probes at orbital radar sattillites. Beacause the atmosphere of GRN is too thick to be accurately scanned be radar, An experimental upper atmospheric sonar sattilite. The sattilite on KAT uses mostly standard technology for a manned station but has a survey sattilite with high frequency radar(for accuracy),Infared radar (tuned to scan surface), and an onboard targeting laser to better map the planet. The sattilite on GRN however only has an extremely strong low frequency sonar because of the thickness of the atmosphere.

Quoting from th…

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CreeperCom CreeperCom 4 March 2017

News of the Week: Part 02

Welcome back to the second part of the News of the Week!

Minor news thingy, the news from Facebook will not be put on here, because they will have a Daily News thing coming up next.

Note that users will be represented as their own space agency, which may or may not have a (temporary) name until they themselves choose what their agency's name will be.

  • 1 Space agency names
  • 2 February 25th
  • 3 February 26th
  • 4 February 27th
  • 5 February 28th
  • 6 March 1st
  • 7 March 2nd
  • 8 March 3rd
  • 9 March 4th

E-STA Corporation - CreeperCom. Also called "E-STA", not to be confused with the station of the same name.

York Space Agency - CSgt. Abbreviated as "YSA".

Doge International - Dgelessus.

ISAAC Organisation - RocketmanRob. Also known as "ISAAC".

Ruscosmos and National Defense Organisation - The…

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 3 March 2017

Bonds,contracts,foreign support, funding

This blog shows all open contracts and needed support by Roscosmos(RFSA)


    Contract   Send 8 docking hubs in orbit   Open

    Contract   ATV to CS1(air needed)   Closed:completed by: YSA

    Contract   Create 15 strikeships   Open (1 day left)

    Contract   send 16 batteries in orbit   Open

Contract 1:80,000USD

Contract 2:------ CLOSED

Contract 3:220,000 USD

Contract 4:57,000 USD


  Bonds   Money min:2000USD   Reward after completion:depends via amount

    Funding   Money min:10 USD   Reward: cash and/or item reward

Sent funds













Please put fund or bond amount in comments to be officially a donator

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 2 March 2017

NDO (National Defence Organization)

The national defense organization of russia is a government/international contract defence organization created by a private sector of RFSA.The NDO was created to protect Russia and it's allies in time of war/terrorism.

To solve confusion the NDO is also called the NDOR. It is reccomended that agencies besides Ruscosmos call it NDOR to prevent mix-up with other agencies with similar names.

Here you can request to join the International Cooperative Space Defense Union. The ICSDU is an alliance organized by RFSA. Your agency can request an alliance as long as it has some military research and/or focus.

(New table large enough to fit all members coming 5/2/18)

[Ruscosmos][Griffon Space Agency][MIISD]Not filled


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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 1 March 2017

National defence ship

[DEFENSE IS SPELLED WRONG]I couldnt come up with a better name at the time :/

Russia's National defense ship is a medium sized military/combat/cargo/and orbital strike spaceship. This ship was built to defend all space establishments and russia. This ship contains [number redacted] orbital nuclear devices docked on and on standby from [time blocked] The defense ship also is supported by experimental battle ships that are known as strike shuttles.



Russia's defence station is located in coordinates -199x and -1960y. Ship picture shown is filtered for Maximum classification files

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Anonymous Astronaut Anonymous Astronaut 19 February 2017

Space Ship One

Here is the Solution to all your Fuel Problems ! Space Ship 1 [S.S-1]

Space Ship One,or S.S.1 for short is a three module structure developed for Exploration of the Space Agency World.Comprising one of the three heaviest modules in the game-ATV,Station Refuel Silo and the space telescope,The S.S.1 is fit for all application a space station is designated for.It is by far one of the most reliable Space structures a player can make to call himself a real station builder.

This ship is a structure recommended to beginner players to build and get the taste of the game,and it is also very useful as a station builder,to align and dock modules to form a station. STRUCTURE The SS1 consists of 3 modules

-an ATV,A Station Refuel Silo and a Space Telescope.A…

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CreeperCom CreeperCom 18 February 2017

News of the Week: Part 01

Hello! This blog page is the first of a series where I'll be posting a timeline of sorts about stuff which happened in this community over the past week. Expect me to give some stuff that actually happened here, albeit somewhat changed to fit this news section.

Note that users will be represented as their own space agency, which may or may not have a (temporary) name until they themselves choose what their agency's name will be.

  • 1 Space agency names
  • 2 February 11th
  • 3 February 12th
  • 4 February 13th
  • 5 February 14th
  • 6 February 15th
  • 7 February 16th
  • 8 February 17th
  • 9 February 18th

E-STA Corporation - CreeperCom. Also called "E-STA", not to be confused with the station of the same name.

York Space Agency - CSgt. Abbreviated as "YSA".

Doge International - Dgelessus.


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Anonymous Astronaut Anonymous Astronaut 16 February 2017

Planetary Radii

Step 1.Calculate the Speed.

Accelerate an object in a specific easily reproducable speed,say,at the middle of the green veloctiy bar.Set a timer for 10 seconds.Start the timer just as you note down the Co-ordinates of your vehicle,and after the timer hits 10,stop it and note down your co-ordinates.

Let these points be P1 and P2.



X and Y are NaviComp Co-ordinates.

Then,the distance between these two points are the Square root of [ (x2-x1)squared + (y2-y1) squared ]

Suppose you get the distance to be 50 NavCom units,divide it by the time it took (10 seconds) and then you get 5.This is your velocity ie. 5 NavComUnits/sec

Step 2.Enter into an orbit

Get a vehicle in this particular speed,and then make it orbit around the SOI of the…

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Anonymous Astronaut Anonymous Astronaut 16 February 2017

Defending Your Station


Friends,I guess I have plans for a defence Space station,supposed to back my country's Army from space.It should be able to successfully launch missiles at earth,and should be able to defend itself from incoming missiles.


I already have a 400+ module space station (Deep Space Tracer-DST) which did most of the defense work for me,with ADS to detect incoming missiles and ready ATVs and oxygen gardens attached to space hubs situated un-docked,outside the space station ready to launch at any at any angle as anti ballistic missile projectiles.

Any long enough structure that is atleast the length os HOM's atmosphere at sufficient velocities can explode at the surface.The atmosphere is not thick enough to prevent suc…

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Anonymous Astronaut Anonymous Astronaut 16 February 2017

The ALT Space Station

ALT - "Augmented Light Transporter" | A space station designed for Exploring and Transportation

I Created a space station,which should be acting as an explorer for me in the future.It is a symmetrical station which makes it perfect for maneuvering.Now,planning to add some landers and future missions to add ATVs.

Parts :

Truss : x5

Solar Panels Large : x7

Radiators : x2

Refuel Station SIlo : x 2

Service Modules : x 2

Oxygen Garden : x 1

Space station Hub : x1

Technical Details :

Power Generation = 700 units 

Power consumption = 153 units

Cargo slots = 18 

Fuel Capacity = 36 units

Empty Navigable docking points = 8

Also,I stacked up a lot of Solar panels so that I can use them to slow down of speen up the station by ejecting them in case i run out of fuel.


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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 14 February 2017

MSS Expanded

Blog content removed

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 13 February 2017

Creating a powerful and time saving rocket

Tgis blog page will be about rockets and rockets only. All things written on this blog and on comments will be about rockets and nothing else.

Even if you have unlocked all parts after completing mission 30, you might be thinking of moving on from just 1 payload but 2 payloads🤔 Well I have done many Multiple payload rocket tests yo help save my time launcing things into space. No matter WHAT it was that launched. Try to thing out of the box, like somthing other than the N1 or the SLS, don't just think of sheer power, but velocity, or Fuel consumption. if you know how to save fuel, than here are some nice multiple payload rockets😉[NOTE: ALL PICTURES IN ALL MY BLOGS CAN BE USED FOR ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO, JUST MAKE SURE TO CAPTION THAT IT IS NOT …

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 10 February 2017

Discoveries :D

Discoveries made from old soviet projects to Quantum space(trademark) technology!

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CreeperCom CreeperCom 8 February 2017

The Researcher: Power-ed On (Part 01)

Hello, and welcome to my first blog page, and also, hopefully, the first part of a series where I research topics that aren't common knowledge to most Space Agency players.

This blog will be about Power capacity. While we all deal with Battery charge at one point in either Career Mode or in the Sandbox, there isn't much knowledge about how many "units" of Power one battery contains. So I decided "Hey, let's solve that, shall we?", and also decided to give a step-by-step explanation of how to replicate it.

Note that for math stuff, it's put in tables so that it's easily visible.

Before reading further, I'd like to say that one unit of Power is equal to one kilowatt per second (kW/s), thus equal to one kilojoule (kJ).

  • 1 The Research
    • 1.1 1. Requirement…

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 8 February 2017

LSSRP Checkpoint satellites are being put in the most efficient rout to ENC


The CSS satilites or Checkpoint Saftey Sattilites were made mostly for the LRSSP to help guide it and watch for oncoming objects that would be coming towards it on the LRSSP's journey to ENC. The CSS 1, 2, and 3 no longer serve a purpose bescause LRSSP has finished the mission, but they will help guide futer missions. All CSS satellites are self sufficient in power and are maneuverable. CS1 was manned but no longer contains crew after the mission finished.

Checkpoint Sattilite Mod.2 is a modification implemented to CS1,2 and 3 after Dimitry Dovisky took power of Russia. The CS chain now is a major communications center for contact with…

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Thecrazyspacesoviet Thecrazyspacesoviet 7 February 2017

New long range Station project!

The LRSSP (long range space station program)

Is the most self sufficient space station created and may evolutionize spacetravel.NEWS: The LRSSP has had 100% construction with only two build attempts. this is be my largest space station i have ever made and built in less than 1 day when in game.This is my first blog post and I am new to this wiki so all tips and opinions are useful to me😊 NEWS:LRSSP has been in fact DESTROYED during entry on ENC's circle of influence. NEWS LRSSP Mk 2 HAS SAFELY MADE IT TO ENC WITH NO PROBLEMS!

note: anything above the line will never be changed because I want to preserve the glory of my first blog post and ENC mission.


LRSSP Mk 3 has been created and sent to ENC with a lander. Also LRSSP Mk 2 is going u…

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SpaceAgency Fan SpaceAgency Fan 20 January 2017


※This is making page※

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CommanderOz CommanderOz 7 November 2015

Combat ships and other military stuff.

There appears to be a lack of space based weapons in Space Agency, with the only exception of Explosive Module. I am hoping people would come up with innovative ideas on how to wage war in the Space Agency universe or otherwise make sure your stations are protected against attack. I have two manned combat ships armed with explosive modules in my main sandbox. Anti-asteroid ships also count.

The ADS does not count unless you have modified it.

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Interstellalien Interstellalien 13 April 2015

The Grand Space Station

I've Been Planning On Making An Extremly Huge Space Station. and when I'm finished with it I will launch It into interstellar space. I'm Planning It Might have if say, 8 or 12 or possibly even 16 solar panels, and I might make it as huge as the moon Or possibly even earth. Where should I make my space station?

A. Earth Orbit B. Near The Earth C. At STA (tell me on my message wall what you think and why)

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Spaceagency Spaceagency 29 November 2013



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