• KaiserRedGamer

    At 12:10 pm, Dorfplatz Standard Time, the Dorfplatzer space agency has released blueprints for Ringer 11, as mentioned by Graf Albrecht von Zeppelin, the co-founder and president of the space agency. However, he mentioned that the blueprints are still plain drafts and ugly drawings. He said, too, that there are some things you, our fellow adventurers, may do. What are these?

    For the positive news, he said a drive containing signatures of 500,000 people and a box to carry souvenirs will also be carried with the ship. He says we can start now. So, hurry, as this is also for SA Wiki users! Join the poll below to "take signatures"! For the souvenirs, only 100 people can participate, so go send one of your belongings while you have time! But wait…

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  • Mr Stoffer

    RS2 design revealed

    June 15, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    We're proud to announce the construction of our second research station which will be nicknamed Imaginator (unlike RS1 this has nothing to do with any history of the station). Construction will start on June 17, 2019

    The station features 2 ADS detection computers instead of the familiar one. Every computer is paired with a control room, MSS science module and an ISAAC module to process the data collected.

    In the inner part the station features 3 main stretched passages. The center one is basically a corridor and connects the control rooms. The two outer passages feature medical bays, plant gardens, habitation or cargo modules and the previously mentioned MSS science and ISAAC modules.

    In the upper part you find the experimental CSgt Nuclear P…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    STA Scrapping

    June 15, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    STA is an old and decaying station with insufficient power to operate, if not for the batteries. The company Nooleus, the one managing it, decided to stop operating the station and sold it and its orbit. We, DSA, bought it and we are going to use it for another purpose.

    In cooperation with Luvtwafee, the Dorfplatzer air force, and its Department of Rocket-Powered Weapons, we decided to blow the station up and whatever debris will be left will be scavenged by Fliegerarm (our shuttle)'s mini-shuttle droneships.

    The future of the orbit is the creation of a new station, Cloudlab.

    But, that's a story, for another blog.

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  • KaiserRedGamer
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  • Mr Stoffer

    Measuring pollution

    June 12, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Pollution is getting worse and HOM is warming up. InterStoffar teamed up with organizations who try to save the earth and started a pollution measuring program

    The mission was built around the Atmospheric probe. It was dropped into HOM's atmosphere and uploaded its data to an Advanced Communications Sattelite (also known as the Survey Sattelite by other agencies). Then the data was sent back to HOM. This may seem useless, but as the probe isn't designed for research on our own planet, the antenna is pointed to space. It was a quick and cheap mission after all. Sadly, after uploading the data, the probe crashed into the ocean and was destroyed. Again, it wasn't designed for our planet, and a parachute would be useless there.

    Everything went a…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Top 7

    June 11, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Hello, Space Agency Wiki! I am so happy to have the rank of Top 7. For the Dorfplatzian Fatherland! I have a song dedicated to the country:

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  • Mr Stoffer

    ADS (RS1) completed!

    June 11, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Just in time, Interstoffar completed the ADS overhaul! It is now renamed into Research Station 1, with the nickname Renovator. The nickname is derived from it's history as Asteroid Detection System.

    Compared to the blueprint, we made some changes to the station, to allow larger spacecraft like the Dragon V2 to dock with it.

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  • Mr Stoffer

    To stay in space for long time, gravity is needed. Scientists say that gravity can be generated by rotating a spacecraft. This resulted in Interstoffar to design the Rotating Space Station to test that

    The RSS is a small habitation station with everything it needs. It is built around a base consisting of 4 ATV's docked to a hub, which provide thrust and power. Rotation is achieved through the use of 4 linked Ion Thrusters which will always fire simultaneously. If needed, they're assisted by the ATV's, which will also stop turning if desired. Stopping rotation is needed to allow spacecraft to dock with the station. But that should not happen a lot.

    The RSS wil be used for around a week. The station will be supplied with all cargo needed to go…

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  • Eco Space Agency

    Mission Report

    June 10, 2019 by Eco Space Agency

    1.(GMT+9)PM 9:00 Successfully launched:Success launched SLS ACC PRO carrier rocket

    2.Docking of ACC PRO and ACC PRO A-1:Success docked in low-earth orbit

    3.Navigation set:Unsafely success Incorrect calculation of shortest route to ENC But it's a successful orbital modification.

    4.ACC PRO landing:Success Landing while controlling engine power

    5.Return to HOM:Success All crew returned safely


    The ENC is full of dusty ice on its surface, and sampling shows no life response, but ultrasound measurements show large amounts of ice underground, and sometimes it erupts outward. Deep underground, we expect liquid water to exist, too. [Only grade 5 or higher can be checked for any further results.]

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  • Eco Space Agency

    ENC 탐사미션

    1단계:새로운 행성에 착륙하기위해 연료가 많은 탐사선을 발명한다. (ACC PRO-A2,ACC PRO-A3,ACC PRO-A4)

    2단계:ENC로 가기위한 최단항로를 계산한다.(실패,대신 행성을 스윙바이 안하고 가는법을 개발했다.)

    3단계:발사및 착륙


    발사예정일:한국시간 PM 9:00

    ENC Exploration

    Step 1: Invent a fuel-rich probe to land on a new planet. (ACC PRO A-2,ACC PRO A-3,ACC PRO A-4)

    Step 2:C calculates the shortest route to go to ENC (failure, have developed a way to get to the planet without swing-by instead).

    Step 3:launch and land

    Step 4:Return to Earth

    Date of scheduled launch:

    (GMT-4) AM 8:00(6/9)

    (GMT+2) PM 2:00(6/9)

    (GMT+3) PM 3:00(6/9)

    (GMT+9) PM 9:00(6/9)

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  • Eco Space Agency

    I have a STA five-speed space station. But as some people know, we haven't decided on a name yet. So I'm going to name it this time.I'd appreciate it if you could recommend the name of the space station. Please leave a comment.

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This probe will be on another mission to study YEL and its rings, and will come closer to YEL than ever before. It will come almost touching the rings. This can be achieved by using a controlled Deep Space Maneuver that can be only achieved with extreme precision. It will study the rings' phenomena, such as that of irregular shadow figures on the rings, as well as their synchronism.

    But, there is something new with the objectives: Slingshot to ENC, YEL's special moon, which is binary with its parent, like Pluto and Charon. It will study the moon inside its SOI for the first time, unlike Ringer 10, which studied it outside in a "flyby". The ENC flyby will be longer, as its new special engines and thrusters will slow it down. It will study su…

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  • Mr Stoffer

    This project is CANCELLED - REASON: Recalculations showed us that the Gemini Service Module is NOT capable of flying through YEL's rings. As we have other priorities right now, we will not design a new spacecraft to go through the rings and the YEL study will be stopped for now. We might revisit this after we completed our other missions

    Yes, now we're fully running and we can multitask now!

    Redesigning the ADS gave us the idea to build multiple scientific outposts in the major arms of our solar system. This led us to that one unique planet...

    Yes, we are talking about YEL! The only planet with rings we know. We have a lot of ideas for research around the planet. Let's start with talking about the rings

    NASA's (very) old Gemini spacecraft was …

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  • Galleigo

    The origins of the EDF are as mysterious as their motive. Most accounts state that they were formed some time in the 1930s, with the idea proposed by the nation of Consertia; this is supported by the fact that intel indicates that its administrator is a Consertian official.

    The current known members of the EDF are Consertia, the Byzantines and several other corporations. The Griffin Agen- actually, I believe it was supported by the entire ICSDU. We don't know very well. However, nebulous reports state that the founding was also supported by certain Chinese rebels, some say that a few states in the Neptunian region secretly funded it in exchange for protection, and some conspiracy theorists outright claim that they're an incarnation of the I…

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  • Galleigo

    Can you hear me, Major Tom?

    Can you hear me, Major Tom?

    Can you hear me, Major Tom?

    Can you h-

    -ere am I floating 'round my tin can

    Far above the world

    Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do...

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  • Mr Stoffer

    ADS Overhaul

    May 26, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Now we have inventorized all resources gathered by merging CCSA with us we can go and start real stuff! For better research we need to get better space stations. A research station in use now is the ADS. But the design from Nooleus is a flawed one!

    The ADS looks like this now.  It may seem not too bad, but when looking at the details, you will see problems. The biggest two:

    • No way to get in the control room/ISAAC Module from outside!
    • No pressure!

    We honestly wonder how people can live in this thing. Even how people get in there. The ADS was good as it was back when it just consisted of the core and the sensor wings...

    But for our future we need to expand this anyway so we can finally solve the problems!

    Our designers came up with a station desig…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Note: This is the sequel to "Transmissions from Kepler-82A".

    The purpose of this spacecraft/robot is to protect HOM, Nooleus, Space Agency, the Users, and the SOL system from an impending invasion of Nazi Whitedots from Kepler-82A. It has a special superelectromagnetic property that comes from its hands. The craft is based on the Voltes V by Professor Hamaguchi, Go, and General Oka in Japan. Click here for a complete series of the popular Anime show.

    The craft has 5 Spagensodef (Space Agency Sollian Defence) Machines.

    1. Crewzer - the simplest of all the machines. It is the head of the craft, and its pilot has a special suit that controls the humanoid robot's actions. It is self-sufficient with its own air and food supplies, plus a communication…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    New Gas Giant

    May 16, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    GOL collided with SOL last tuesday, May 7, 2019. A planetary nebula was formed around SOL and added some atmosphere to PUR and BLU. The atmosphere contains mostly hydrogen and deuterium. On HOM, hydrogen levels (in air) have increased from 0.0234 to 1.29002831202176362635269390129334 centigrams (or 12.900283120 mg) per cubic meter at 20 degrees C at sea level! (12.9mg/m^3 at 20C Sea Level)

    But the real news is, a new gas planet named MOL (Molten Gold) has formed out of the gas in the collision. It is true that the planet is 100.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000…

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  • KaiserRedGamer


    May 12, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Note: Please do not take seriously as if it were a real part. This is just an idea for a new part.

    Pioneer-X is a probe designed to explore GOL, PUR, and BLU.

    The difference between Pioneer-X and Voyager-X is that Pioneer uses an antenna without that truss below, as the one in the Voyager-X Antenna. It uses a black and gray color scheme of what looks like to be the American Lunar Module for its main body.

    It is built with:

    • Pioneer-X Main Body
    • Pioneer-X Antenna

    The parts may be found in the "Payloads" section, after completing Mission 15 Part 2, GOL Pioneer.

    • It is based on the real-life Pioneer 10, 11, and 12.
    • Mission 15 Part 2 is an analogue to Pioneer 10.

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Hello, civilizations of HOM, we hope your inhabitants remained safe and sound. Everything is okay now, except for the astronomical phenomena. The collision happened 17 hours earlier than expected, happening actually on 19:20:34 UTC. HOM has deflected the particles successfully, however, the force of the impact has shifted our orbit by 17 kilometers on the perihelion and 10 kilometers on the apihelion. The length of a year now is 365.20142321 days. We now have leap years occuring every 5 years. Because of the collision, too, SOL is now a Yellow Giant star, combusting a new shell of deuterium and tritium, plus having a plutonium core. The plutonium is easily decayed to deuterium, tritium, hydrogen, and helium, and neutrons, combusted in the…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Fremdesolle 1 is an orbital interstellar probe designed to study the golden dwarf "GOL". It is also designed to study its planets, BLU and PUR.

    It takes its name from 2 conjoined German words, meaning "stranger" and "sun". So, it literally means "stranger golden dwarf".

    Fremdesolle has all the instruments required to explore the whole dwarf before collision. It is the first CubeSat probe.

    Fremdesolle has found out the composition of GOL is mostly hydrogen, deuterium, tritium, plutonium, and neutrons.

    Its strong gravity made it able to catch two of its planets, mostly twice the size of HOM.

    It has also found out it will collide with SOL on May 7, 2019, Tuesday.

    GOL is made of a cloudy lightning layer of deuterium and tritium. They form the crust,…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Note: This is the sequel to "WannaFry virus source".

    Space Telemetry HQ has detected transmissions from the Whitedots. Basically, they talk about "resistance", "help", "war", and "freedom".

    Based on what we have gathered from Pionier Gamma and other sources, we have come to conclude that Whitedots are at war with each other. The totalitarian government, and the mutations. 

    The government there is bad. We must help the resistance.

    Please, help me by giving ships, telemetry, and intelligence.

    ((((( MESSAGE START )))))

    User -NAME CENSORED- ; sessionid 2726abc72de

    This is WOLF. Speaking, EAGLE?

    ((((( MESSAGE END )))))

    ((((( MESSAGE START )))))

    User -NAME CENSORED- ; sessionid 837fab83cde

    Yes, WOLF.

    Here on the objective.

    Yes, I'm focusing it.

    Mapping Braun-1…

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  • Dysonsphere


    April 29, 2019 by Dysonsphere

    In response to the recent events caused by Whitedots and Wannafry, Dysoncorp has launched an investigation. The telescope aboard NewStation indicates that the planet of Whitedots is similar to Earth, but is 20% larger and is half land and half water. We cannot identify surface structures, but current data seems to indicate a highly advanced civilization.

    Additionally, copies of Wannafry have been obtained and hacked into(someone in the IT department thought it would be funny to put the viruses into a computer colosseum and fight it against other viruses, it "defeated" all other viruses but the 2 copies attacked each other and sort of decrypted each other). Wannafry appears to have a second payload which sends all encrypted data back to Alie…

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  • Zalicronos


    April 28, 2019 by Zalicronos

    Veria Corp has plans to establish a Terminal Velocity SOL Orbit (TSVO)

    1. Yes, we are capable of funding this venture.

    2. The rewards from this research will help further our other research (Maybe an STVO station???)

    3. We are willing to accept any research aid you would provide to us.

    Questions :

    1. Could it hurt those involved? Yes.

    2. How? Stellar impact, High gravity, Radiation.

    3. And you're doing this why? Science.

    Thats all we can say for now we hope for successful completion of this project with minimal problems.

    Thank you.

    -Veria Corp

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    NOTE: This is the sequel to my previous blog "Whitedot System".

    So, I found out recently about Angkasa-X's blog about this virus, WannaFry. Our international team, with Mondland and Iroquoia, have traced the source to that VERY SAME PROBE!!!!!!!!!!!!, yes, no, not Pionier Gamma, but a communications satellite in Kepler-82A1C orbit. It is from that land of the Whitedots.

    If not because of the virus, we wouldn't have known too much about the Whitedot civilization. So, their planet is a united land, with a very advanced technology, under a totalitarian fascist government called the National Socialists, or Nazi, for short. They conquered their whole planet to gain more room for their so-called Aryan race. As a result, other unfavorable species of W…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Hello guys! It's KaiserRedGamer. And today, I am going to replicate the New Horizons mission.

    Everything you need is in the video.


    EMA as Jupiter and JOR as Pluto

    Custom SLS rocket as Atlas V

    New Horizons as Survey Satellite

    • The probe is as old as me, but I was born 11 months later after NH was born.
    • The reason for Orion SM as tug for the probe is that a small tug or a small large tug does not have enough fuel, and a medium tug is unaesthetic.
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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Whitedot System

    April 25, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Note: This is the sequel to my blog "Alien Probe Discovered?!"

    So, according to our telescope, the "White Giant" in K82A is actually a yellow star.

    The K82A system is 200 light years away.

    Before we start, here is the protocol:

    • Planets are numbered least for being the closest to the Whitedot star.
    • How I made the code numbers for the objects:
    Numbering/Letter numbering is based on proximity to the Whitedot star.
    S - star
    1 - inner planet (such as K82A-1B)
    B - belt (such as K82A-B2-3A)
    2 - outer planet
        2I - gas giant (such as K82A-2IA)
        2II - ice giant (such as K82A-2IIB)
    3 - B2 object
    M - moon (such as K82A-1C-M1)
    P - probe (such as K82A-P1)

    1. K82A-S1 "Whitedot"

    This yellow star is as big as the real-life Sun (of course, as all the objects in K82A …

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    The Fliegerarm is a Shuttle based on the SR-71 Blackbird . It is one of my SLS series, and because it is a Large part, it is launched on my medium stage with Heavy Boosters, as I do not have a large stage, as well as a large rocket such as an Space Launch System-based rocket or the real-life Shuttle's fuel tank. Otherwise, it is launched on a special plane [hint: it looks like a B-52] to the stratopause.

    The Fliegerarm (German: Flying arm) is an SLS-class shuttle. This means, it is a Stand-Alone Laboratory, SLS Universal Adapter, primary spacecraft, and a ship, all combined in a single piece. Plus, aside from the space-worthy functions I have mentioned above, it could be an aircraft, VTOL, and boat, all at the same time! It is a multipurpos…

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  • 2020dragons

    Atlas Space Vessel

    April 17, 2019 by 2020dragons

    The project has been cancelled.

    The Atlas Space Vessel (Navicomp: ASV) is a space vessel currently being built. It will contain some Linked Ion Drives in the hope of being movable without the engines of the Shuttle. It is planned to be an interplanetary explorer ship.

    The builder tug shown in the screenshot in the gallery below is for construction help if a problem happens (e.g. Tug Module runs out of fuel).

    The ASC (ASV Construction Site) waypoint is the waypoint that ASV is currently being built. The ASV will be useful until the Transponder is attached.

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    So, the United Overworld Nation Space Cooperative's Deep Space Mapping  in cooperation with the Dorfplatz's (my analogue of a Rhenian Germany) Mobiltelekam, Chinsol's (my analogue of the Qing empire) Daoguang-Tiangong, Mondland's (my analogue of a socialist Polish-Swedish-Russian union) Zbiecda, and Laurasia-Iroquoia's (my analogue of the Iroquois confederation) Quetzalcoatl, have found an alien probe, from a distant star system.

    It has come from star system Kepler-82A, more known as "Whitedot System", for its famous white giant.

    It is 738,093,129,393 NaviComp units away from HOM.

    We only have detected it uses Alpha Waves. 

    Help us identify it more!

    Alpha wave from alien probe codename K82A-P1 "Beamdot Doe".

    K82A-P1 has made a flyby of YEL, passin…

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  • KaiserRedGamer


    April 17, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    These are just ideas for real-life and fictional probes. Has nothing to do with game wiki.

    The JUNO, or JUpiter N​​​​​ear-Polar Orbiter, is a probe designed by the United States of America to explore Jovian phenomenon.

    The Voyager space probes are 2 interplanetary probes developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory designed to take advantage of a particular alignment that will allow them to visit all outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune or [ANALOGUES] GOL, YEL, BLU, and KAT, respectively). Voyager 2 had a slower velocity and an almost straight angle, so it visited all planets. However, Voyager 1 had a higher angle so it went up, just visiting Ju…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    So, DSA has decided to create its first rocket....

    Speer I

    More on the video:

    It can be built with:

    Titan II First Stage + Long March Boosters + Delta II Second Stage + Gemini CSM

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Not to be confused with Space Shuttle.

    So, this is my blog on my design, the Shuttle. My purpose for designing it is that I am not contented with the shuttle of today's Space Agency version.

    I want a functional one that can be used as a lab, a shuttle, and a station, all at the same time. I give its callsign "SLS" (Shuttle-Lab-Station).

    This can be an exploration station for its ability to go for long without being resupplied every now and then, a shuttle for transferring payloads, and a laboratory, for its ability to conduct experiments in its very small rooms, and the control room.

    The SLS may attach payloads in both its "side wombs" to its backbone of dockable steel framework, particularly modules, and protect them with doors made of radiato…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Future Missions

    April 13, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    This page is just my opinions and predictions on what future missions will be on the game. It is still up to Andy if he will add my suggestions.

    Note: Budget and Time Limit values are unclear, so that will be up to Andy.

    • Mission 37 - Shield Repair: Deliver control module and a new robotic arm to the station. To do this, install a hub between the Oxygen Garden and the Station Module to the bottom right-hand side of the station. Then, put the Control Room below and the arm below the former. Connect both modules to Power. Refuel and recharge the Shuttle, and undock from the Station proper. Use the arm to dock with the shuttle. Grab the toolkit cargo from the "Cargo" menu, and transfer at least 2 to the station.
    • Mission 38 - Stork Perching: Now …

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Space Agency

    So, I just want to write about my sandbox, I don't know why.

    "Space Agency" is name of sandbox. And this is set in a alternate history.


    HOM satellites

    • Skylab 3 - Similar to real-life Skylab
    • Raumburg Adler - German for "Station Eagle". German space station, 75% destroyed of its original configuration because of a runaway British Station refuel silo. All that remains is the core
    • Tiangong Central Station - A modular Chinese space station. Located in the Ionosphere, as it houses some scientific satellites
    • WorldNet Large Comms. Sat. - Large Comms. Sat.
    • Trinocular Telescope - Telescope docked to ADS Sensor Wing
    • Odin Geo-MIssile Station (de-orbited) - Launches ICBMs to other countries, de-orbited a few months earlier as it has no more u…
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  • Zalicronos

    Phoenix Alpha

    March 21, 2019 by Zalicronos

    The phoenix, A magical avian of lore, Stories say that this bird in its old age bursts into flames and disintegrates into ash and from that ash arises a phoenix born anew from its predecessors dying flame.

    Okay, So the reasoning behind the name is because Phoenix Alpha's massive unparalleled fuel storage can cause quite the disaster. With twenty Fuel Silos it has the most fuel capacity out of anything we have created so far, Electric propulsion, and decent cargo storage allow for transportation of most cargo. Now for the cons: Low Maneuverability, Slow reversal, No armaments. Signed: VERIA CORP.

    I dedicate the Phoenix to: ISAAC Organization

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  • PhantomGamerYT

    Hey Guys Ive Started A Yt Channel For Space Agency And Other Games So Feel Free To Send Me Ur SandBoxes @

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  • Dysonsphere

    A New Station

    March 1, 2019 by Dysonsphere

    Dysoncorp got a little bored after its upgrade(info below) so I decided to make a new station that incorporates STA, MSS and ADS. 

    The station is divided into a few sectors. The sector at the bottom left is a space hotel. It's designed to push our space tourism programme to a higher level by having not only rooms but also entertainment areas, shuttle tours and even a docked LM! The ADS sector detects and keeps micrometeorites away. The sector to the right is fully scientific and extensive studies are conducted there. The Stand Alone Lab can also be detached and flown off on missions. The top part of the station is a small experimental military sector. It contains some sensors, habs and a single prototype StarFighter is docked there. This st…

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  • Corvus Prime Corperation


    February 19, 2019 by Corvus Prime Corperation

    Comment below

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  • Corvus Prime Corperation
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  • Lunar Module

    It's done...

    February 9, 2019 by Lunar Module

    Remember my last post,with the teaser? Well,that ship has been completed. Although some changes have been made to the design,it remains similar. It is shown above,with the original design i meant to replicate shown at the top.

    P.S. copyright police:credit to MGM,the author of 2001,and the film producer for top image.

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  • Lunar Module

    I'm back

    February 8, 2019 by Lunar Module

    Sorry for being gone for so long. You probably don't remember me. But,i'm back. Also,i have a teaser for you all below. P.s. the Orion Crew Capsules are supposed to be connected to LP1's in the final version.

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  • KidFromSabah

    Hello World!

    February 7, 2019 by KidFromSabah

    Hi guys! I'm new here. I just joined this wiki. I've been looking at this wiki for a while now. So, I decided to join! I started playing Space Agency a week ago. This is my first page so yea... I'm bored and stuck at level 28... I hope you guys had a great CNY!

    btw I'm a big fan of Isaac Organisation. 👍👍👍.

    I know Isaac will be the first to comment here.

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  • Galleigo


    February 6, 2019 by Galleigo

    After nearly ██ years in operation, the GSA's last day had come. Declassification of the less sensitive documents was quickly done, while some of those things they couldn't exactly let out were burned or otherwise expunged, in part or in whole.

    Council Member 07 was no longer to be known by the cryptic designation 4CM-07. Now, of course, those who knew him were free to address him by his real name. Johnathan was one of those who had voted for the end of the Agency.

    Over the last seven years, it had become evident that the Agency's presence was no longer necessary. Newer, smaller agencies began to fill the positions it currently held - of course, at least in public. None, thankfully, had gone to the extent that the Orbital Strike did. Still, …

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  • Corvus Prime Corperation


    February 4, 2019 by Corvus Prime Corperation


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  • Angrycat9000

    Station Blueprint Designer is now a fully functional progressive web app.  That means that not only can you copy it to your home screen of your phone, but you can also use it offline.  This way you can design stations anywhere you go.

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth

    The director of the MIISD has long been wanting to begin construction on a new type of space monument. One of the many ideas for this structure was the Hindu swastika, which he saw as a cheap resort. Although he wasn't sure if everyone would understand it is in fact a symbol of Hinduism, he was well aware that many would see it as a racist symbol. Even though, he still stayed with this idea.

    The construction of the Hindu space monument or monolith was relatively cheap as it did not require many resources. Construction on it began in LEO, although after its construction it was moved out of Earth sphere of influence. The project only took two weeks to complete and it was placed just outside Earth orbit.

    Although many people were protesting abo…

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  • TheguyethatfelltoEarth


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  • Ian75

    I've finished Fairing, Payloads and Small Parts. And now I'm making the final part of Medium Parts - PSLV First Stage.

    That's now I made it:

    1. Get PSLV First Stage texture and save it as a new file. I used PhotoCap to make it. 

    2. Separate Fuel Tank and Engine, it's important because if you don't, your rocket will not turn.

    3. Code it.

    Ian75 - Houston, we have a problem (talk) 06:54, January 27, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Ian75

    After solar system, we're going to make.... Rocket Parts!

    Coding is a hard work, but I'm sure we're making progress!


    LK Lander is an ultimate SSTO part. I will do some changes.

    Ian75 - Houston, we have a problem (talk) 14:32, January 22, 2019 (UTC)

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