• Master JimmyJysk

    The MLSA is collapsing due to a descision made by the agency!This is also due to a lack of funds and work being done.

    The dissolving will happen on 28 august and a new agency will begin life.

    This includes - 

    • Formation of a new agency
    • The WHOLE user page to be rewritten
    • Deletion of all of of mission projects
    • Deletion of all pictures to do with the MLSA
    • and a gallery will be set up on the front page of this user

    Thank you for your co operation. 

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This is the first part of a list of constellations I made for the Space Agency night sky.

    Constellations Legend

    1. Draconius - A dragon resembling the Ender Dragon of Minecraft.
    2. Triangulum Orthogonus - A right triangle.
    3. Triangulum Equilaterus - An equilateral triangle.
    4. Triangulum Isoceles - An isoceles triangle.
    5. Fistulus - A water faucet.
    6. Triangulum Minor - A small triangle pertaining to drafting triangles.

    Constellations Description/Trivia

    1. The constellation Cursor represents a player in the Olympic games doing a marathon.
    2. Mucros was the cutlass of a very famous Dorfplatz knight.
    3. Volantem Machina resembles the Space Shuttle.
    4. The constellation Pistris represents a hammerhead shark.
    5. Porcus and Fistulus are "Equatorial Constellations".

    Stars, star clusters, a…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    (In response to:,_Voyager_X)

    I have an image:

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    As the summer solstice ends the EUC-LID-IAN mission will be on the way.

    I have some mission proposals:

    1) The ENC Orbit Rendezvous

    So, I'm going to use a: Tug Module Heavy + LK Lander Legs + Gemini Service + LOK Doc. Mod.

    To land it, I will use the tug to slow it down, then ditch it as a headstart for digging, then land the legs. Then, it will start drilling. In the meantime (while it is landing) a return craft with: Orion Service + Connector Black Arrow + Crew Capsule Dockable will go to ENC and wait for it to finish doing the digging.

    Once the lander drill is done, the ascent stage (Gemini SM + LOK Doc. Mod.) will go to the return craft and bring the samples there. After that, the return craft will fire its engines out of ENC, but into a YEL-c…

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  • TheScientistToBe

    From 2012 to 2017, this game was the pioneer of space-related games.

    But, as you can see now, activity on this wiki has been steadily declining due to the rise of other games. This is not a jab to Andy, but unfortunately, this game has fallen behind significantly due to the rise of other space games, like Spaceflight Simulator and Simple Rockets 1/2. It is indeed a sad decline, but we had fun. I'll still be browsing on this wiki to check in on anything, but I'm sure I'd be inactive until Space Agency 2148 comes out. Almost everyone who was active here in 2017 has now left. I'm one of them. I realized this game was great in concept without competition but it just fell. This is an honest opinion and take on the decline and activity of this wi…

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  • Master JimmyJysk


    August 5, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    SKY is a waypoint of building, similar to a factory. It is the building of where exploration shuttles/spacecraft are created.

    It is also the waypoint of help e.g if a spacecraft is low on fuel in can navigate to SKY (only if the vessel is near to SKY ,say, around 200 units and lower).

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    James Danger

    August 5, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    WJames Danger (7 September 2031 to 23 August 2069) was a Latvian Astronaut as the most experienced astronaut in the world but died in the Lunar 5 disaster. 

    James Danger was born to Frankie Oswald (born 1 January 2000)and Melan Oswald (5 May 1998 - 8 July 2067) a rich family with over 4 million pounds. Whilst his family

    🛰🛰under constuction🛰🛰

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Been a While Now

    August 5, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Oh my I made a lot of good edits and pages on this wiki yet no one seems to recognize... thought I would even be a rollback because of my contributions...

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    These are just some good rocket designs based on real-life ones that I want to share with you all.

    Please enjoy!

    The Atlas V is a rocket by the ULA.

    How to build: Delta 4 1st Stage + Ariane 6 Boosters + Delta 4 Connector + Delta 4 Second Stage + Fairing (Medium) or Tug Module (Medium) + Fairing Super Long

    How to build: Atlas V + Space Shuttle Nooleus

    The Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle was the launch vehicle for the Freedom capsules on medium-staged rockets.

    How to build: Nooleus First Stage + Black Arrow Connector + GLV

    To Launch: Discard the first stage halfway through the launch so that the Gemini Service Module runs out of fuel before reaching orbit (sounding rocket).

    Is the launch vehicle of the Cassini and Voyager probes.

    How to build: Titan 2 1s…

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    If you view my User page and go to the missions section you can see that there has been a failure on Lunar 2. This page will explain what exactly happened and WHY it exactly happened.

    Long before the Lunar program the space shuttle Nooleus had been forced to leave STA , to enter orbit around HOM. That was mission 1 of the shuttle transfer and the former final 1 everyone at mission thought. The head of the MLSA agency,Jo houstan had an argument with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, about the transfer. Jo houstan lost the argument and was forced to transfer the Nooleus to the MSS. After realizing that the shuttle could not go onto neither of the 2 docking ports. Then MLSA was forced go launch a station builder to the shuttle (this was b…

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    This project is to extend STA into a ring space station with the main part where most of the rooms are the centre ring A is where the  are the centre ring B is where the Large solar panels will be and the outer centre line (as a thank you for being the first on my message wall) will include the CSgt nuclear generator.

    Phase 1-Complete the inner ring of rooms (in progress)

    Phase 2-Complete the centre ring A of refuel silos

    Phase 3-Complete the centre ring B of large solar panels

    Phase 4-Complete the outer ring CSgt nuclear generators.

    (NOTE. The reason I did this on STA was because I'm lazy.I couldn't be bothered doing it from my own recourses in fact I'm so lazy that I will stop writ

    ❇❇🛢🛢⚠️⚠️⚠️-- -- THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN ABORTED-- --⚠️⚠️⚠️🛢🛢❇❇

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This page is about categorizing the NaviComp Waypoints for the Space Telemetry Headquarters, to make it easier to track objects. Please use the image below as reference (keep in mind the Y-coordinate is inverted).

    1. Near-HOM Waypoints (NHW)

    Inside the green quadrilateral are Near-HOM waypoints, where frequently operated stations are usually located.

    So, STA and MSS are examples of Near-HOM Stations.

    Range: From approx. 500, 500 to 2500, -500

    2. Inner Sollian Waypoints (ISW)

    Inside the yellow quadrilateral are Inner Sollian Waypoints, which are waypoints close to the sun. Further inside is the Boil Line, which begins at 500 NCu from the sun in all directions. All water boils and evaporates into gas once they crossed the line towards the sun.


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  • Master JimmyJysk

    Project Ares

    July 20, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    Project Ares is a project to get many lenders on the planet RED(a bit like the Apollo project except on a planet and completed with an N1 rocket.

    Ares 1 (mission 21 in career mode)-Complete

    Ares 2-Failed(reason being that the lander failed to start after landing)

    Ares 3-Completed

    Ares 4-Completed

    Ares 5-Complete

    Ares 6-Failed(reason being that the LOK service when returning to HOM was just only a tiny bit into the escape velocity so instead made a flyby.The crew lost contact after about 10000 units away from HOM.Some say that the spacecraft self detonated others say that the spacecraft entered a planets atmosphere and crashed on to the ocean.)

    Ares 7-Completed

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This is a bug in a previous version which still works according to user MLSA when he accidently clipped through the rings in the version 1.9.6 . It involves using a Gemini Service Module to pass through YEL's rings due to an unprogrammed hitbox.

    • The Gemini Service Module needs to be alone (with all stages underneath detached and without the Gemini Capsule) when doing the trick. The easiest way to do that is to put it on a rocket so that it will be a medium payload.
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  • KaiserRedGamer

    It will be a summer break that would last from July 18 until September 7, all in the year 2019. I hope everyone will have fun!!!!

    However, those working at tracking stations will just have half-days because, you know, all space objects need constant tracking.

    I will not be that active for the following days because I will be going back to school for Grade 8 (or last year of middle school for American kids). Please understand.

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    Project ETU (Exploring The Unknown) is a project where two space are meant to explore the unknown,hence the name,to experience glitches and reach the highest speed possible. VOYAGER (Voyaging On Yel At Gauge Eleven Rampage)was a space craft that consisted of 1 station builder, one docking hub, 2 refuel modules, 1 refuel silo, 2 survey Satellites, 1 solar panel large and 1 Voyager X antenna. Phase 1 was to build it itself.

    Phase 2 (VOYAGER) -- separate both survey sats

    Phase 3 (VOYAGER) -- separate docking hub, station builder, refuel silo and refuel modules.

    Its speed is almost 333 units per second.

    The spacecraft VoyagerETU was made out of 1 station builder, 1 truss large, 6 refuel silos, 4 solar panel larges, 2 MSS solar panels, 6 ion drive …

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    This blog post is about Project SOL (Suited Orbits Levels) a project to get around as many as 30 solar probes orbiting SOL with a Large Communications Satellite to study any seismic,alien and of courses any long lost spacecraft activity in the solar system.

    NASA (in my imagination) have failed a manned test (to launch a Gemini capsule in to orbit) but have succeeded an unmanned test (which was to launch a refuel silo into space).So NASA will have guidance to this mission.

    Level 1-- Lanch a Large Communications Satellite into orbit around HOM and then SOL.(Status=COMPLETE)

    Level 2-- launch first 5 Solar Probe Alphas into orbit around the sun(Status=COMPLETE)

    Level 3-- launch 10 more Solar Probe Alphas into orbit around our star(Status=IN PROGRE…

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  • Eco Space Agency

    A long time ago, Voyager X that we launched sent a picture. There was something very surprising about it. Our entire solar system was filmed.

    And this is a picture of Voyager X just after it went out of the solar system.

    To help you understand, use the screen of the navigation computer

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  • 2020dragons

    Signature testing

    July 4, 2019 by 2020dragons

    --2020dragons  (talk) 21:39, July 4, 2019 (UTC)

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Today is the Fourth of July!!!!

    I'm not an American, but I hope through this post, I can show consideration for the American users. Thank you!!!!

    Seiner Majestaet Alexis Jules Leizen von Dorfplatz I h.i. B{> (talk) 00:48, July 4, 2019 (UTC)

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Itter Mountain is a mountain located in the south of the Dorfplatz Empire. Geographically, Dorfplatz is a land in the middle of a Europe-shaped continent. On that mountain resides a fault line which causes quakes in the area. For that reason why the old Neuolaffburg Mountain Ranger Station, originally a castle/fortress/palace (now village), was fortified. Unfortunately, the palace collapsed a year ago after a devastating magnitude 7.3 earthquake.

    There is a radio station operating in that village. There is the original source of the weird photophenomena. Why?

    Enigmatic Archive #23D-A2F1B3

    The real cause of this signal is that the Dorfplatz Space Agency is testing out photon instant telecommunication. For officials that are not physics geeks,…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Because of the unwillingness of the other agencies to build a defense machine for HOM, the planet is now at risk of an impending invasion from interstellar Whitedots from Kepler-82A. An alternate plan by different world governments, particularly the four major powers (of which all them are analogues of Germany, Russia, China, and the Americas) will need to be drafted. 

    The only component that was built is the Crewzer. A simpler design plan must be achieved.

    Some of the good designs are:

    • Reactive armor, from Centauri Spaceworks. However, its single-time use can be a hindrance to efficiency of the weapons.
    • Explosive hubs. They are good alternatives to a manually-controlled explosive module in terms of being bullets. However, the space needed for…

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  • KaiserRedGamer



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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Ringer 11

    June 30, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer
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  • KaiserRedGamer

    57 65 20 61 72 65 20 63 6f 6d 69 6e 67 2e 20 59 65 73 2c 20 77 65 2c 20 66 72 6f 6d 20 74 68 61 74 20 64 69 73 74 61 6e 74 20 73 74 61 72 2e 20 57 61 74 63 68 20 6f 75 74 2c 20 70 75 72 70 6c 65 20 62 61 6c 6c 2e 20 0a 0a 32 20 48 6f 75 72 73 

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Because of the pork barrel scam case of Graf Albrecht von Zeppelin, the Kaiser immediately stops the fund collection and proceeds to building the spacecrafts as soon as possible. The funding for the maintenance will be renewed under a very direct control of the Kaiser and his trusted ministers and advisers. "Expect the launch on the very second that Homin enters the launch window to the Ringed Planet", His Majesty says.

    And the launch window is going to open on June 30, 2019, 02:22:31 UTC.

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  • KaiserRedGamer
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  • KaiserRedGamer

    HI there, and if you went to the tutorials, you may have noticed the tips are gone. Why? I will explain in a moment.

    My reason for deleting the tips is simple. This is my principle:

    As simple as that. A tutorial is basically a lesson. Like Space Agency Classroom. What will you learn if the tips are already there? Just like you won't learn anything if you continue doing your tests with a hidden answer key. This is not a mission, this is just a tutorial. As this is not a real-life job, this is just elementary school.

    A comment in a tutorial before deleting the tips said:

    I agree with him.

    I pray to God Above that an admin won't block me. Thank you.

    Seiner Majestaet Alexis Jules Leizen von Dorfplatz I h.i. (talk) 06:30, June 27, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Georgegramm

    This is a brand new project of the GSA. At this phase, the HQ plans to create a 462 part station that will serve as a gateway to other missions. It is divided into 7 sections

    Section A and B: In these sections, vehicles can recharge their batteries. With 42 large solar panels, 4 small solar panels and 56 CSgt Nuclear Reactors this station has a surplus of 11075 of power which can be used to charge depleted batteries. These sections are located at the bottom left and right of the station

    Section C:In this section ATVs ressuply the station with O2 water ect. Their cargo can be stored at the 22 cargo holds of this section.

    Section D:refuel section. This is where the refueling takes place. With 30 refuel silos, this station will have more than en…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    The Kaufmaennisch-Frachtnachschub Projekt, literally Commercial Cargo Resupplement Program, is a program meant for the supply of the Adler station, as well as the New Skylab and upcoming international resupply stations by private companies. It is still a work in progress because of internal affairs.

    The commercial rockets will be launched from Dorfplatzer launch pads and will be in co-management of the Dorfplatz Space Agency, as well as the International Space Union.

    Drop by my talk page if you want to get a contract!

    Deadline of contract dealership is on July 4, 2019.

    Please make sure you have purchased all the add-ons, or it will not work. If you can't, then I suggest not participating or using a hacked version.

    KFP mission 1

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    The doctors at the Imperial Hospital, as well as the most top-notch surgeons have successfully brought the Kaiser into a moderate condition! He is still recovering from his shot, and he is being interviewed by reporters and journalists. The doctors said it will not be that okay for him to speak, as his diaphragm is ruptured. The Kaiser allowed the reporters in, however, but he put his words on a device, similar to what Stephen Hawking used.

    He said:

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  • Mr Stoffer

    RS3 design revealed

    June 23, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    It's time to construct our last general research station which will be located in the most interesting part of our solar system.

    The new RS3 nicknamed Innovator will have 4 ADS detection computers, paired with a control room and an ISAAC or MSS science module. The station has 4 major arms: 2 vertical with the computers and 2 horizontal with the RS2 derived docking forks. The station is powered by 2 solar panels and 4 CSgt Nuclear Generators. It also features 2 plant gardens. This station has, other than the 4 ADS computers, no real "selling points". Construction will start on June 24, 2019. Be sure to check this new page for upcoming missions

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    The Kaiser has been shot in the stomach! Just as he was going back in the palace after a city tour, he was shot by an unrecognized soldier from the garden. Immediately after that, he was rushed into the hospital and is now in a critical condition!!!! Perhaps Graf Albrecht was planning an uprising.

    Meanwhile, the loyal supporters of the Kaiser, his people, saw the gunman and chased him. He was mugged to near-death conditions in a citizens' arrest frenzy. The Ducal Guard arrived, and immediately placed him under intense military custody with interrogations performed using Truth Serum.

    Interrogations are commencing...


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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Pork Barrel Scam

    June 23, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Graf Albrecht said in a previous post that he needs 3 trillion RM (Reichsmark) for the combined missions. In partnership with SAL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), we have found out that the actual funds needed, including maintenance and contacting spacecraft, was just 7 million RM. What is he spending the rest of the people's money on? I have to fix this injustice, as the father of my people. What about you? Will you help me uncover this scam?

    How pork barrel works:

    Overfunded project --> Excess funds go to government official who funded it --> Gov't official spends it for personal purposes

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    I really think there are some things that need to be edited on the Main Page. I notice some words mentioning parts do not have links to the respective mentioned parts. Also, it needs some rephrasing and expansion, as well as a comment section, to act like a main talk area.

    Seiner Majestaet Alexis Jules Leizen von Dorfplatz I h.i. (talk) 03:34, June 21, 2019 (UTC)

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    The Probe:

    One York RTG filled with Redstonium-224 to provide power for the spacecraft.

    8 small propulsion LOX engines for own thrust at the LK Core.

    Science hub will provide data, which is to be sent via the Antenna at a downlink (to HOM) of 20 MHz and an uplink (to craft) of 28 MHz.

    A retrofitted explosive module serves as examination satellite for landing spots for EUC-LID-IAN.

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    These are the total funds collected for the missions:

    You can help give more by buying stamps, investing here, or adding your signatures!

    Graf Albrecht von Zeppelin (Co-Founder) 11:24, June 18, 2019 (UTC)

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    New Signature

    June 16, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    So, I have a new signature:

    Seiner Majestaet Alexis Jules Leizen von Dorfplatz I h.i. (talk) 08:59, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

    By the way, that is not my real name. However, it is inspired by my real name, something like a rip-off. h. i. means Herzog und Kaiser, but literally Herzog und Imperator, because I am the Herzog, or Duke of the Grand Duchy of Dorfplatz, specifically the Dorfplatz rivers and the state itself, and Kaiser/Imperator, or the Emperor of the Dorfplatzian Empire, including crown dependencies, colonies, protectorates, and dominions. But, they are conjoined, as they are joint titles. Like if you lose one title, you lose both. The I after the name means that I am Jules the First. Roman numerals. I - the first, II - the second, and so…

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  • Mr Stoffer

    RSS Status Report

    June 16, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Completely forgot to post a Rotating Space Station status report, so here it is.

    The station is running fine right now. Gravity is generating as expected and the astronauts enjoy the earth-like feeling.

    We decided to not continue building rotating space stations as there is no need for long-term space habitation right now. It's expensive after all.

    The RSS itself is going to be returned to HOM, burn up in the atmosphere and be destroyed. The waypoint coordinates are remembered though, because we will build a ship yard where the RSS is located right now. Then we finally have a place to really store our damaged Space Shuttle

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    At 12:10 pm, Dorfplatz Standard Time, the Dorfplatzer space agency has released blueprints for Ringer 11, as mentioned by Graf Albrecht von Zeppelin, the co-founder and president of the space agency. However, he mentioned that the blueprints are still plain drafts and ugly drawings. He said, too, that there are some things you, our fellow adventurers, may do. What are these?

    For the positive news, he said a drive containing signatures of 500,000 people and a box to carry souvenirs will also be carried with the ship. He says we can start now. So, hurry, as this is also for SA Wiki users! Join the poll below to "take signatures"! For the souvenirs, only 100 people can participate, so go send one of your belongings while you have time! But wait…

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  • Mr Stoffer

    RS2 design revealed

    June 15, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    We're proud to announce the construction of our second research station which will be nicknamed Imaginator (unlike RS1 this has nothing to do with any history of the station). Construction will start on June 17, 2019

    The station features 2 ADS detection computers instead of the familiar one. Every computer is paired with a control room, MSS science module and an ISAAC module to process the data collected.

    In the inner part the station features 3 main stretched passages. The center one is basically a corridor and connects the control rooms. The two outer passages feature medical bays, plant gardens, habitation or cargo modules and the previously mentioned MSS science and ISAAC modules.

    In the upper part you find the experimental CSgt Nuclear P…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    STA Scrapping

    June 15, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    STA is an old and decaying station with insufficient power to operate, if not for the batteries. The company Nooleus, the one managing it, decided to stop operating the station and sold it and its orbit. We, DSA, bought it and we are going to use it for another purpose.

    In cooperation with Luvtwafee, the Dorfplatzer air force, and its Department of Rocket-Powered Weapons, we decided to blow the station up and whatever debris will be left will be scavenged by Fliegerarm (our shuttle)'s mini-shuttle droneships.

    The future of the orbit is the creation of a new station, Cloudlab.

    But, that's a story, for another blog.

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  • KaiserRedGamer
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  • Mr Stoffer

    Measuring pollution

    June 12, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Pollution is getting worse and HOM is warming up. InterStoffar teamed up with organizations who try to save the earth and started a pollution measuring program

    The mission was built around the Atmospheric probe. It was dropped into HOM's atmosphere and uploaded its data to an Advanced Communications Sattelite (also known as the Survey Sattelite by other agencies). Then the data was sent back to HOM. This may seem useless, but as the probe isn't designed for research on our own planet, the antenna is pointed to space. It was a quick and cheap mission after all. Sadly, after uploading the data, the probe crashed into the ocean and was destroyed. Again, it wasn't designed for our planet, and a parachute would be useless there.

    Everything went a…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Top 7

    June 11, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Hello, Space Agency Wiki! I am so happy to have the rank of Top 7. For the Dorfplatzian Fatherland! I have a song dedicated to the country:

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  • Mr Stoffer

    ADS (RS1) completed!

    June 11, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    Just in time, Interstoffar completed the ADS overhaul! It is now renamed into Research Station 1, with the nickname Renovator. The nickname is derived from it's history as Asteroid Detection System.

    Compared to the blueprint, we made some changes to the station, to allow larger spacecraft like the Dragon V2 to dock with it.

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  • Mr Stoffer

    To stay in space for long time, gravity is needed. Scientists say that gravity can be generated by rotating a spacecraft. This resulted in Interstoffar to design the Rotating Space Station to test that

    The RSS is a small habitation station with everything it needs. It is built around a base consisting of 4 ATV's docked to a hub, which provide thrust and power. Rotation is achieved through the use of 4 linked Ion Thrusters which will always fire simultaneously. If needed, they're assisted by the ATV's, which will also stop turning if desired. Stopping rotation is needed to allow spacecraft to dock with the station. But that should not happen a lot.

    The RSS wil be used for around a week. The station will be supplied with all cargo needed to go…

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  • Eco Space Agency

    Mission Report

    June 10, 2019 by Eco Space Agency

    1.(GMT+9)PM 9:00 Successfully launched:Success launched SLS ACC PRO carrier rocket

    2.Docking of ACC PRO and ACC PRO A-1:Success docked in low-earth orbit

    3.Navigation set:Unsafely success Incorrect calculation of shortest route to ENC But it's a successful orbital modification.

    4.ACC PRO landing:Success Landing while controlling engine power

    5.Return to HOM:Success All crew returned safely


    The ENC is full of dusty ice on its surface, and sampling shows no life response, but ultrasound measurements show large amounts of ice underground, and sometimes it erupts outward. Deep underground, we expect liquid water to exist, too. [Only grade 5 or higher can be checked for any further results.]

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  • Eco Space Agency

    ENC 탐사미션

    1단계:새로운 행성에 착륙하기위해 연료가 많은 탐사선을 발명한다. (ACC PRO-A2,ACC PRO-A3,ACC PRO-A4)

    2단계:ENC로 가기위한 최단항로를 계산한다.(실패,대신 행성을 스윙바이 안하고 가는법을 개발했다.)

    3단계:발사및 착륙


    발사예정일:한국시간 PM 9:00

    ENC Exploration

    Step 1: Invent a fuel-rich probe to land on a new planet. (ACC PRO A-2,ACC PRO A-3,ACC PRO A-4)

    Step 2:C calculates the shortest route to go to ENC (failure, have developed a way to get to the planet without swing-by instead).

    Step 3:launch and land

    Step 4:Return to Earth

    Date of scheduled launch:

    (GMT-4) AM 8:00(6/9)

    (GMT+2) PM 2:00(6/9)

    (GMT+3) PM 3:00(6/9)

    (GMT+9) PM 9:00(6/9)

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  • Eco Space Agency

    I have a STA five-speed space station. But as some people know, we haven't decided on a name yet. So I'm going to name it this time.I'd appreciate it if you could recommend the name of the space station. Please leave a comment.

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