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Patrick the imanginative Patrick the imanginative 16 days ago

Planet colonisation

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Projects
    • 2.1 The moon
    • 2.2 Purple
  • 3 Progress

to extend the presence of humanity, it is decided that all planets that can be colonised to be colonised.

To establish a base, modules must be supplied there to either colonise, or to support a base

the Moon colony was established through landing modules with tugs in place, a support station was launched to keep the base running .

Purple was chosen as a colonisation priority due to it near to hom, the Base Placer Station was used to build the station

We have currently colonised the moon, purple, and set up an outpost in Enceladus

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Patrick the imanginative Patrick the imanginative 16 days ago

Coloniser mothership

After Base Placer Base was constructed and went into service, the precise landing of modules by ATVs become evident, thus another ship was proposed

The Ship will have more accommodations and have full access to landers via docking hubs, and the base sustaining station and the ATV lander are placed on the back between the ion engines.

It can dock at most 14 landers at once

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Patrick the imanginative Patrick the imanginative 16 days ago

Base Placer Station

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Construction
    • 2.1 Initial prototype
    • 2.2 Phase 2
  • 3 Service
    • 3.1 Enceladus (ENC)
    • 3.2 Purple(PUR)
    • 3.3 Yellow(YEL)

Base Placer Station (called BPS) is a colonisation vessel that is extremely long to counteract the gravity of the planets it encounters

The original design is a bare minimum, it has an arm length of 11 corridors , it also features a two-way ion propulsion core with few habitation modules and basic station maintenance utilities , it also features a transit system with a station module travelling from the main station to the end of the arm.

The prototype was tested at Enceladus (ENC) to test its capabilities , but the station cannot lower the lander down to the surface, multiple launches are used to lift more modules to expand the arm to 1…

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Ophadamious Ophadamious 17 October

Plan for new career missions in the game

  • 1 Mission 38 - Grand Tour 3
    • 1.1 Objectives
  • 2 Mission 39 - Lunar Landing 2
    • 2.1 Objectives
  • 3 Mission 40 - Shuttle Landing
    • 3.1 Objectives
    • 3.2 Mission briefing
  • 4 Mission 41 - Shuttle Launch and Reuse
  • 5 Mission 46 - Lunar Landing 3
  • 6 Mission 48 - ENC Landing

> Assemble the Voyager X spacecraft

> Connect the Antenna to the power grid of the main body

> Photograph PUR

> Photograph BLU

> Photograph SOL

> Photograph GOL

> Max time: 30:00

> Budget: $65,230,000

> Assemble the N1-LOK-LK rocket

> Launch the rocket, making sure the third stage reaches orbit.

> Fly to LUN

> Dock the LK with the Soyuz.

> Undock the LK Lander

> Land on the landing zone on LUN


> Travel to STA

> Undock the shuttle

> Replace shuttle with resupply module

> Transfer 2 carbon dioxide scrubbers, 2 oxygen tanks and …

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Spacegenius747 Spacegenius747 27 August

Voyager 3

After many years, some planets are in line for another voyager style mission.

Because of this, we designed, the Voyager 3 probe!

It visited




The components were launched on 2 SLS rockets..

After that, it continued on to RED.

Another 6 months later, it went into orbit and took a photo of a possible Mars base site.

It then continued onto YEL.

8 years later, it arrived at YEL and took a photo of its rings. It also relayed information from the orbiting communication satellites and found the lost Gemini-Ringer probes designed to orbit the rings. The Gemini Ringers were an old set of probes designed to study its rings. It completed its mission and was decommissioned shortly after.

It then continued to ENC

A few months later, it arrived at ENC. It…

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Huanca 190 Huanca 190 27 July

My Space Station in SFS

Its name is "Se Trochià Elefthería". Currently under construction. 73 parts, and produces 300 power per minute.

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Ian75 Ian75 16 July

Better Soyuz: Launch

The better Soyuz Concept video

Ian75 - Houston, we have a problem (talk) 06:54, 16 July 2021 (UTC)

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SEAcorp SEAcorp 18 June

Shuttle Launch And Re-entry Concept (copy of SSEA)

🚧🚧"This page is not fully finished, please check in later" 🚧🚧

this blog post has accurate mechanics from the launches and suggestions from SSEA.......

Hehehehe........ Have Fun Reading!!!

since the shuttle isn't yet launchable and can't perform a re-entry.........

In the launch, the tower arms will be different. One that attaches to the orbiter docking port, is the orbiter access arm, this is where all astronaut board to the Orbiter. The top of the external tank is the external tank hydrogen vent umbilical and intertank access arm, the purpose of the arm in real life is to collect excess oxygen from the E.T. but in game it doesn't collect any. the engines that will not use in the launch rather than OMS (Orbital Maneuvering System) in the orbiter , B…

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2020dragons 2020dragons 14 June

List of space stations (in real life)

I originally put this list in the space station designs page but removed it because it was irrevelant to the game so I put it here.

  • Italic text indicates that the station is a prototype and is never meant to be crewed. Crewed prototype stations are not written in italic.
  • Underlined text indicates that the station is solely built and owned by a private/commercial company.
  • Deorbited stations are marked in green.
  • Failed (non-prototype stations that couldn't be crewed) are marked in red.
  • Cancelled stations are marked in grey.
  • Operational stations are marked in blue.
  • Planned or under development space stations are marked in purple.

In orbit
Manned Orbiting Laboratory

1960s USAF project for orbital reconnaissance s…

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Ian75 Ian75 8 June

Better Soyuz

We have Soyuz 1st Stage in the game, but in the game, that Soyuz 1st Stage isn't really accurate.... So I made the separated booster with Blender.

It's a soyuz booster model from a KSP mod and it was rendered in Cycle render engine and i did some shader tricks to make it more closer to Space Agency artstyle.

When the boosters run out of fuel, it will detach from core stage, like usual boosters.

This will make two different parts, small part "Soyuz Core Stage", and booster part "Soyuz Side Booster". It's just like usual boosters.

To fit the new design, I also came up with new launch pad design. It's basically the real life Baikonur Pad 1/5.

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2020dragons 2020dragons 29 May

CARJE colony ship

Credit to User:CobraBubbles17 for Podsolnechnik circle design.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 History
  • 3 Structure
    • 3.1 Russian segment (Podsolnechnik)
    • 3.2 American-Canadian segment (Friendship)
    • 3.3 European segment (Columbus)
    • 3.4 Japanese segment (Yume)

The CARJE is an enormous colony ship built through an international collaboration of the United States (NASA), Russia (Roscosmos), Europe (ESA), Canada (CSA), and Japan (JAXA). Its four segments can be detached and re-attached to the station, as the segments can be controlled by themselves and are not dependent on the ship's cockpit. Each segment is powered by a module with motors and thrusters. The total building cost of the ship is US$10 trillion.

After the major success of the ISS and the Lunar Gateway in the past decade, o…

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2020dragons 2020dragons 29 May

Advanced space weapon discovered?!

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Lopesicle Lopesicle 22 May

Rocket desing contract!

hello fellow user space agency i hope you safe so im running out of design so i want an design by you for my mission so commet down below to make a contract (contract only last for 2 week)

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Lopesicle Lopesicle 22 May

DRA space station

In the year 1998(or more/less) the first module of ISS was added which launched by the Roscosmos Russia, by the year 2030 the international Space station (ISS) will be de-orbited and the end of the biggest man-made object in space. But in the year 2105 A new Giant space station that can carry 47 Crew that is the DRA space station a giant station, overall length is 396-407 meter, overall height 3.6-5.5 meter, overall width 97.25-104.82 meter, which is pretty big and it doesnt cost that much because we dont need any of those old useless CO² scrubber/O² tank because that gonna make the company bankcrupt in few weeks, so we use the Oxygen garden module which lower the operational cost of the station itself and only require 175 liter of water p…

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Lopesicle Lopesicle 21 May

ITN's first travel

ITN space station has been completed curently doing some refuel and in few day it will go for its first journey to lun/moon and using 3 Ion Drive Linkable it will be fast and can reach top speed after 4-6 minute and electric shortage is common in the space station after fireing the ion engines


• INT space station is huge

• This Space station is used to explore the universe

• this is the first Lopesicle Nuclear generator-powered space station aside from DRA 2 years later

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Airbusa380A Airbusa380A 12 April


We are going to GRN, To Stay. making station called GRN Gateway. using Orion to land and create base, GO FOR LAUNCH rocket SLS - SLS boosters standard - Payload Adapter- E8 second - OSM - OCM - Draco Fairing

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SEAcorp SEAcorp 12 April

Fallen Space Agency

The Space and Science Exploration Agency has quickly made successful of missions and programs, also built the space station STA SEA, PCC (Proton Control Center),The ECS (European Communications Station) and the Giant SCPS (Solar Composition Probe Station) and the Proton Explorer. making the successful new agency rise. then founded its manufacturing corporation, SSEAMco (following the name of the space agency itself) Our Company helped SSEA build STA SEA and SCPS and have built new reusable rockets to deliver payloads to the two stations.

Philippines Space Center
Landing Pad/s:


both space agencies helped the government of the Philippines to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia (Warning!: …

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Date Published: 03/19/2021

Hi there everyone!

This is S.S.E.A, i have founded a manufacturer for S.S.E.A. SEAcorp!

SEAcorp ,ah yes, The day has finally come for S.S.E.A for its own station parts and spacecraft manufacturer.

SEAcorp will be the manufacturer for us. now it was now Founded Today!

SEAcorp/SSEA was happy because of this

The Past...................

the agency SSEA was an agency buying parts from other countries/manufacturer

but the agency was SCAMMED one day because of high pricing.

Now today SEAcorp will be developing parts soon and making its own rocket for S.S.E.A but first step is to test it..........

but soon will be prepared for the Future!

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Gegeneis Gegeneis 15 March

Program 314


********TOP SECRET - CLASSIFIED********

*************** Program 314****************

Program 314, or the Pi Network, is a constellation of Deep Space Research Stations that were established in 2016 after the tremendous success from Project-V.  

The Pi Network sits at coordinates:



The main purpose or Program 314 is deep space research. Operational missions include signals intelligence and testing advanced spacecraft propulsion technology.  

The Program has been adequately funded to meet future mission requirements, allowing for the procurement of new spacecraft and boosting the frequency of resupply missions between HOM and Pi.

Pi Network Spacecraft Overview:


Type - Deep Space Habitation and …

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My Shuttle Launch And Re-entry Concept

but it's purpose is to monitor the heatshield's position. after reaching the first marker, it will access the monitor for the landing gear to see when the landing gear is enabled or not, the roll will be switch again into navigational instrument to locate where the runway is. the velocity gauge will appear to the left side of the screen, its purpose is to monitor speed and it reaches from orange to green. when the orbiter is moving sideways the ground also moves indicating the orbiter is moving sideways, the ground slowly moves backward indicating the orbiter is moving fast. also the RCS buttons will differ too, turning to Accelerate, Deccelerate, move to the left/right, increase/decrease altitude using the altimeter as an instrument. whe…
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So-Safe So-Safe 18 February

My custom missions

This is where you can find my custom mission ideas, For now I will only have images, a bit of info, and a list showing how to complete the mission, Enjoy!

  • Locate and go to the Gar waypoint.
  • Dock with Garganpia.
  • Stop the spin of the space station.
  • Refuel the Orion Spacecraft.
  • Refuel the Space Shuttle.
  • Undock the spacecraft.
  • Return to HOM.
  • Sucsessfully splash down on HOM.

This mission unlocks Garganpia in sandbox.

  • Send a spacecraft back to Garganpia.
  • Dock with Garganpia.
  • Undock the Space Shuttle.
  • Undock from Garganpia then dock to the Space Shuttle.
  • Fly the Space Shuttle to the STA.
  • Seperate from the Space Shuttle.
  • Switch to the Space Shuttle to dock it with STA.
  • Switch back to the other vessel to bring it to HOM.
  • Reenter the spacecraft and splash down on HOM…

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So-Safe So-Safe 17 February

HPRF Space Station

The HPRF station is a station that is named after the HPRF, It will be a large station that anyone can add things to the Blueprint but can not remove stuff added by other people or me, They also can not remove the iconic HPRF logo in the middle of the station.

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So-Safe So-Safe 16 February


My concept for a new station that can be made in-game, the gallery below will show the images I made.

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Airbusa380A Airbusa380A 5 January

Airbusa380Airplane Space Agency Missions

We are planning a grn mission......

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CliffClavin1 CliffClavin1 1 October 2020

Station Challenge Ideas

Alright guys I want you to challenge me to design and build a space station that could have multiple purposes or just one. The purposes can be things like military, exploration, scientific, etc. You can create up to 20 requirements for it. You can require any modules that you can use in the station blueprint designer app that are also in game. Bring on the challenges

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CliffClavin1 CliffClavin1 22 September 2020

I have returned with more blue prints

Hi I’m back at designing stations again here is the latest. It is named the Columbus Space Station, CSS for short and is register as CVN-002. Sorry fo the large photo it is multiple photos put together.

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Seanthemost3 Seanthemost3 22 September 2020

Sandbox Request 2

Hello there everyone! 👋

I have been experimenting with different styles of space stations lately.

I was wondering if anyone had any sandboxes lying around, if you do then please flick them my way.

My email is 

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Seanthemost3 Seanthemost3 11 September 2020

Sandbox Request

Hello there everyone! 👋

I have been experimenting with different styles of space stations lately.

I was wondering if anyone had any sandboxes lying around, if you do then please flick them my way.

My email is 

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So-Safe So-Safe 4 September 2020


I have NO IDEA why i made this, this is a scaled down version of MSS and its intresting, you can feel free to make it in Sandbox

BTW this thing doesnt use the Green LOK DM (Docking Module)

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So-Safe So-Safe 31 August 2020

Kerosene Fuel

Since some engines have a orange/yellow/red flame and some engines have a blue/teal/cyan flame I've proposed the concept of Kerosene Fuel, This blog will be expanded when i can

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So-Safe So-Safe 24 August 2020

How to code in parts on BlueStacks?

i use blue stacks and ive only completed mission one so how can i code in shuttles spy sats and soyuzes-?

-soyuz is lok with the green lok docking module

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So-Safe So-Safe 13 August 2020


When i started playing i was very low, i eventully used money to get the standard parts, Tonight I finished the last training missions and jumped to Silver Commander, A few minutes later i got all the way to Gold Commander.

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2020dragons 2020dragons 29 July 2020

Space bases

Recently, on July 29th, I decided to build space bases. I have built bases on all six landable planets.

  • 1 LUN base
  • 2 PUR base
  • 3 BLU base
  • 4 RED base
  • 5 JOR base
  • 6 ENC base

The first of the my bases is one built in LUN. This base is composed of:

  • LK Lander Legs attached to
    • MSS Module
    • Habitation Module
    • Cargo Hold
    • Lunar Module Ascent
  • Crew Capsule and Gemini Launch Vehicle both attached to Lunar Module Descent
  • A Seismometer Experiment

The Orlets-1 Survey Satellite launched in Mission 8 was adapted to improve communications for the people in the base.

The second base I built is in PUR, as it is the second closest astronomical body to HOM. This base is composed of:

  • LK
  • Control Room attached to LK Lander Legs
  • Lunar Module
  • Pod attached to Lunar Module Descent
  • Two Seismometer Ex…

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2020dragons 2020dragons 22 July 2020

Seven Ellipse Station

The Seven Ellipse Station (7ES) is a recharging space station which is located at a region between HOM and PUR, and serves as a large recharger for spaceships which can recharge almost instantly. It has two docking ports. It was completed on July 26, 2020.

The Seven Ellipse Station is composed of:

  • 12 Solar Panel Large
  • 28 MSS Sensor Module
  • 10 Oxygen Garden
  • 30 Space Station Module
  • 4 Draco spacecraft
  • 6 Solar Panel Small
  • 4 MSS Solar Panel
  • 4 ADS Sensor Wing
  • 34 Space Station Hub
  • 4 CSgt Nuclear Generator
  • 4 MSS Science Module
  • 4 Lunar Module Ascent

Total: 151 modules

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2020dragons 2020dragons 18 July 2020

Kaizer Space Station

The Kaizer Space Station (KSS) is a concept blueprint for a 887-module multipurpose space station by 2020dragons.

Named after user KaiserRedGamer, if ever built, it would be one of the largest

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Ian75 Ian75 18 July 2020

My Little Astronaut

As we can see, we can launch manned spaceship ,but we don't have any man in it. Is it really "manned" spacecraft? I don't think it counts. So I came up with this concept.

My astronaut is some kind of combination of Kerbal Space Program Kerbonaut and Space Station Continuum Astronaut. Their appearance is really a human, not a cargo. (sorry Centauri Spacework) 

There will be five types of astronauts: pilots, engineers, scientists, passengers and medic. Pilots can control ships, engineers can repair ships, scientists can do science experiments. They're the same as KSP(LMAO). Here comes the interesting stuff, passenger can't do anthing, and medic can heal other astronauts, but only work in Medical Bay.

Astrouants have health bar, they need O2, H2…

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Lunar Module Lunar Module 28 June 2020

Is this community still alive?

Since Space Agency 2138 has been released, is this community dead, or is it still alive? Just a question.

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SpaceAreCool SpaceAreCool 17 June 2020

I did a thing

This is the Crew (ship name) 1

The ship, up, and CM, down, need a name, mission badge, and  mission name, like the Apollo missions and the Eagle Lunar Lander. The craft mainly replaces crew or cargo, but it has other functions one would expect from regular craft. Below is more info on everything.

The module inside is like a transport for the CM, necessary due to the CM's lack of engines and need for a large amount of thruster propellant to return safely. Not much else serves/fits well, and it has a main engine and solar panels. Due to this, it is expected to stay for we can't find an alternative, nor do we need one.

Now if you look at the ship, you will see it is based off the Moon/Mars targeted rocket, Artemis. We are currently looking for w…

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Rolfstlmn Rolfstlmn 8 June 2020

Salyut Station

Hey Guys,

Today I created some fan art. Stand-Alone Laboratory as we all know is modeled after Skylab. I thought it would be fun to know what a Salyut station would look like in Space Agency. Enjoy!

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GamerzXpic GamerzXpic 19 April 2020

First Space Station

This is my first ever space station I built on my sandbox world! It took me 2 hours to build it.

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Georgegramm Georgegramm 24 February 2020

GSA Wireless Power Tranferer

This is an one of its kind power delivery system. It is range based so the closer you are the faster you recharge. Its area of effect is 5 times the radius of the central unit. It can charge up to 5 spacecraft at the same time.

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Georgegramm Georgegramm 24 February 2020

GSA High Speed Spacecraft

This is the next generation Spacecraft currently being developed at GSA HQ. It has twice the acceleration of the small tug. It can have as many as 3 astronauts and it can carry as much as 4 items (water, batteries, ect). The 2 docking ports ensure quick docking without worrying about the alignment with your station. It can be launched using a Medium tug module a small heavy tug ect.

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TheOtherClonos TheOtherClonos 6 February 2020

Next up: RED!

I gave RED those spiky poles because I liked how they look and the remind me of the old LUN.

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TheOtherClonos TheOtherClonos 4 February 2020

Made more textures for GOL and PUR

Not very happy with how PUR turned out, but it's something. GOL definitely looks better than the normal one, but there wasn't much to GOL anyway.

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TheOtherClonos TheOtherClonos 3 February 2020

I whipped up a texture for BLU in 30 minutes, probably

I thought the old one looked outdated and made something. It's not the best, but I think it looks significantly better.

Could also be recoloured for PUR. Could, but that would be lazy.

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Rolfstlmn Rolfstlmn 2 February 2020

New Space Station

Goodday everyone!

Today we've got a big announcement to make. After a long time of development the NRO has a new first of it's kind space station. This space station belongs to the Pioneer class stations. A series of new PIONEERING space stations!

The stations are pretty sustainable. They have there own oxygen generation and limitless power thanks to the four enormous solar panels. Thanks to the four docking stations, the station ccan be expanded and still be supplied from the original module.

Development will continue with the first launch somewhere this year. 

_End of message_
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2020dragons 2020dragons 19 January 2020


delete this

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3AP Agency 3AP Agency 5 January 2020

Starship Apophis

The President of 3AP announced on January 4, 2020 the approval of the construction of Starship (SS) Apophis. Featuring over 400 modules, 20 nuclear missiles, support fighters, and over 100 ion drives, this ship is the fastest ever made by 3AP, and the fastest known ship in space agency.  It will be both a scientific ship and a warship, using its speed and scientific instruments to be able to explore the farthest reaches of the solar system. It will also serve as the space-based HQ of 3AP. Delays have haulted the project's progress, however the ship was completed on April 30th.

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Sneakcruel Sneakcruel 27 December 2019


When this game got an update?

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DylanH121 DylanH121 29 November 2019

Project Epsilon Status Update 3

Due to a miscalculation regarding the range of our oxygen garden modules, two hard-to-reach hub modules need to be replaced with an oxygen garden, which requires that we completly reconstruct the command bridge. Project Epsilon has been returned to the construction phase until further notice.

DylanH121, Director of The SRCA 01:25, November 29, 2019 (UTC)

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