• Lunar Module

    Since Space Agency 2138 has been released, is this community dead, or is it still alive? Just a question.

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  • SpaceAreCool

    I did a thing

    June 17, 2020 by SpaceAreCool

    This is the Crew (ship name) 1

    The ship, up, and CM, down, need a name, mission badge, and  mission name, like the Apollo missions and the Eagle Lunar Lander. The craft mainly replaces crew or cargo, but it has other functions one would expect from regular craft. Below is more info on everything.

    The module inside is like a transport for the CM, necessary due to the CM's lack of engines and need for a large amount of thruster propellant to return safely. Not much else serves/fits well, and it has a main engine and solar panels. Due to this, it is expected to stay for we can't find an alternative, nor do we need one.

    Now if you look at the ship, you will see it is based off the Moon/Mars targeted rocket, Artemis. We are currently looking for w…

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  • Rolfstlmn

    Salyut Station

    June 8, 2020 by Rolfstlmn

    Hey Guys,

    Today I created some fan art. Stand-Alone Laboratory as we all know is modeled after Skylab. I thought it would be fun to know what a Salyut station would look like in Space Agency. Enjoy!

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  • GamerzXpic

    First Space Station

    April 19, 2020 by GamerzXpic

    This is my first ever space station I built on my sandbox world! It took me 2 hours to build it.

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  • Georgegramm

    This is an one of its kind power delivery system. It is range based so the closer you are the faster you recharge. Its area of effect is 5 times the radius of the central unit. It can charge up to 5 spacecraft at the same time.

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  • Georgegramm

    GSA High Speed Spacecraft

    February 24, 2020 by Georgegramm

    This is the next generation Spacecraft currently being developed at GSA HQ. It has twice the acceleration of the small tug. It can have as many as 3 astronauts and it can carry as much as 4 items (water, batteries, ect). The 2 docking ports ensure quick docking without worrying about the alignment with your station. It can be launched using a Medium tug module a small heavy tug ect.

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  • TheOtherClonos

    Next up: RED!

    February 6, 2020 by TheOtherClonos

    I gave RED those spiky poles because I liked how they look and the remind me of the old LUN.

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  • TheOtherClonos

    Not very happy with how PUR turned out, but it's something. GOL definitely looks better than the normal one, but there wasn't much to GOL anyway.

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  • TheOtherClonos

    I thought the old one looked outdated and made something. It's not the best, but I think it looks significantly better.

    Could also be recoloured for PUR. Could, but that would be lazy.

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  • Rolfstlmn

    New Space Station

    February 2, 2020 by Rolfstlmn

    Goodday everyone!

    Today we've got a big announcement to make. After a long time of development the NRO has a new first of it's kind space station. This space station belongs to the Pioneer class stations. A series of new PIONEERING space stations!

    The stations are pretty sustainable. They have there own oxygen generation and limitless power thanks to the four enormous solar panels. Thanks to the four docking stations, the station ccan be expanded and still be supplied from the original module.

    Development will continue with the first launch somewhere this year. 

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    so yeah guys

    its been a long time.

    dorfplatzers are protesting outside demanding either the spacecraft's launch or decommissioning...

    well, here's some news.

    ringer 11's probe has run out of rtg power and it has looked for a suitable place to land. it will launch soon

    as of now, it's being processed in the SAL

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  • 2020dragons


    January 19, 2020 by 2020dragons

    Reports of the Scrapping and Construction of Space Stations and Designs

    note: dates are unofficial

    February 27, 2018

    A new innovative space station that will have a technology that will cause revolution to space exploration will be built on the next month.

    Its name will be the Queen Planetary Station, and will have fortnightly resupply missions for the on-board astronauts to be able to breath fresh air and survive. It also will produce a lot of power that can spread to the whole station with powerful solar panels.

    It will also be divided between four zones: The Galaxy Research Zone, the Power Zone, the Lab Zone, and the Defense and Observation Zone.

    March 23, 2018

    The construction of the new innovative space station known as the Queen Planetary S…

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  • 3AP Agency

    Starship Apophis

    January 5, 2020 by 3AP Agency

    The President of 3AP announced on January 4, 2020 the approval of the construction of Starship (SS) Apophis. Featuring over 400 modules, 20 nuclear missiles, support fighters, and over 100 ion drives, this ship is the fastest ever made by 3AP, and the fastest known ship in space agency.  It will be both a scientific ship and a warship, using its speed and scientific instruments to be able to explore the farthest reaches of the solar system. It will also serve as the space-based HQ of 3AP. Delays have haulted the project's progress, however the ship was completed on April 30th.

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  • Sneakcruel


    December 27, 2019 by Sneakcruel

    When this game got an update?

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  • DylanH121

    Due to a miscalculation regarding the range of our oxygen garden modules, two hard-to-reach hub modules need to be replaced with an oxygen garden, which requires that we completly reconstruct the command bridge. Project Epsilon has been returned to the construction phase until further notice.

    DylanH121, Director of The SRCA 01:25, November 29, 2019 (UTC)

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  • CliffClavin1

    Space shuttles

    November 25, 2019 by CliffClavin1

    please delete

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  • Mr Stoffer

    The SOL Study

    November 24, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    InterStoffar has decided to commence operations around SOL. The agency is going to research our own star and push the limits of human habitation (it's very dangerous around SOL as you would expect).

    Setting up, launching and positioning our research equipment is done through 3 phases. Each phase will consist of the launch of several payloads and if needed, the construction of a larger whole

    The Solar Gateway is a small and compact resupply station, but smart placement of modules still enables up to 10 spacecraft to dock. We had to make it compact, so that maneuvering around the station isn't a pain. That is essential because the station is planned to be located perfectly on the route between Earth and the sun.

    The Solar Research Station is ou…

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  • Mr Stoffer

    Status report

    November 23, 2019 by Mr Stoffer

    A long time of absence can't be closed without a status report of the inactive days. While there was no groundbreaking progress, astronauts have continued using our 3 research stations to do scientific experiments in space.

    We can be short: nothing has been detected previous months

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program
    All agencies in cooperation with the Space City 3 project are to head to TITANPOINT in lower Manhattan also known as 33 Thomas Street, AT&T switchboard room 4 level 10 and wait for a phone call from Albuquerque, New Mexico connecting to Augusta, Maine. Listen in on the call that is going to be in the NATO phonetic alphabet, instructions will be sent through a layer of added security here are the coded names for each launch site for emergency evacuation of the SC3 cooperatives:
    New Hampshire launch site:
    Sierra Alpha November Golf Tango Hotel
    Kennedy Space Center
    Juliet Sierra Oscar Zulu Kilo X-ray
    Bandor Cosmodrome
    Hotel Zulu Sierra Hotel Hotel Alpha Hotel Uniform Sierra India Sierra Delta Bravo
    If you get one of th…

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  • CliffClavin1

    Mega Station CVN-01

    November 23, 2019 by CliffClavin1

    I am designing a mega station that will have over 1000 modules and will be made by sharing it with others who want to help build it. The best part is it will be capable of support any mission in the solar system.  Here is what the first sections design is.

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  • DylanH121

    Due to recent blueprint revisions, construction for Project Epsilon is taking longer than initially anticpated. However, we can assure you that these are neccesary design revisions that will ensure that the vessel operates as efficiently as possible. Once Project Epsilon is compeleted, we will publish a full report containing the details and specifications of the vessel. To learn more about Project Epsilon, click here.

    DylanH121, Director of The SRCA 22:20, November 20, 2019 (UTC)

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  • DylanH121

    Space City 3 Lore

    November 16, 2019 by DylanH121

    The year 2123. As technology steadily advances, mankind looks to the stars. The thought of colonizing space becomes more and more feasible with each passing day as a flood of new space agencies are formed. 

    The year 2125. Many major scientific organizations and institutions have come forward to confirm the growing public concerns that the Earth will not be able to sustain our exponentially growing population for much longer. They estimate about 15-20 years before the total breakdown of society as we know it. Mankind begins to place their hope in the many new space agencies that promise a better future among the stars. 

    The year 2126. The League of Space Agencies is created to unite the best space agencies towards a common goal: to colonize s…

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program

    I was inactive for a long time, I expected this place to still be as active as it was when I left, I expected ISACC, Tesractcubed, York and all you other guys to still be posting, talking about what you guys are doing in space Agency. I came back to this sometimes no posts for months, no one was talking about the things they were doing. I'm currently trying to bring this place back from the dead with SC3 but there is nothing. most of the big community members have stopped visiting the site it's self, New people come here and see that it is empty, we need you guys to come back and do something so new people can come and show what they are doing. we need more part sugesstions.

    do not let this place die please

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program

    Hello everyone, Phase 1.10 is the hub of all SC3 and is the most crucial part of it. it's not just a hub it is also a lifeboat for 4000 people do not worry there are life Evacuation pods planed in phase 2 that will carry 100 people each. the Station does not become operational until... when it happens

    The person for Phase 1.20 is Generic Agency

    More updates will come soon

    If you want to join Space City 3 join our discord

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  • Mr Stoffer

    Mr Stoffer himself is finally back in the game, he had a very busy time for a while. This won't be a very quiet comeback though, as the InterStoffar Aerospace inc. joined a growing collaboration of several agencies for the build of one of the largest projects in existence

    The Space City 3 is a gigantic space station aimed to be larger than SOL, our very own star which our planet is orbiting right now. It's an initiative of the Neutral Economics Space Program. The SC3 is aimed at long-term space habitation for up to 5000 people. Read more about the SC3 on it's own page created by the NeS Program

    To realize this enormous project we need as much support as possible. Go to the SC3 blog post and use the Discord link to apply for collaboration. If…

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  • DylanH121

    The SRCA is proud to announce that we are working with NeS Program and many other agencies to build the biggest station ever built in Space Agency, known as Space City 3! For more information and to participate in making Space Agency history, click here. Also, check out the Space City 3 lore!

    Notice: The Space City 3 project is currently closed to new participants, however, space may open up in the future and this page will be updated if and when we are accepting new agencies. In the meantime, information regarding the Space City 3 project may be posted on NeS Program's blog.

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program

    We all have our part ideas, and most of our ideas add more things to do, some improve in quality of life and make things easier to do/build. So here is some of my ideas

    the URCSB (Uniformed RCS Block just abbreviated) can evenly move any module up to 10 modules (on either top or bottom port) away including non linearly docked modules, it as much fuel as the Station Builder RCS and Main engine combined. Using the Transponder and the Smart Station Module (another of my part ideas) the URCSB can work with other URCSBs you dock with your station (Do not worry if Andy were to add this would probably be added to the Transponder Add-On pack). I also think that this thing should be added to the Station Builder except maybe inend of 10 its 5 moduels…

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program

    The IPCC has been around for 100s of years (SAT) and it has always had a crew, a few days ago the immortal crew that has been there since the beginning left for home.

    IPCC is beginning a new phase in her life, she will be receiving an update a shipyard for Interplaintry outpost ships and deep space stations. even though transport ships are hard to control and hard to dock but we will do it anyway because why not.

    Another update will come out soon for a blueprint for the addition to the station.

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  • Neutral Economics Space Program

    Hello, comrades, it has been a while my inactivity wasn't me just staring at a wall for 5 months I've been working on something, something big Space City 3.

    Space City 3 has 6197 parts I'm not sure if this amount of parts is even possible, but I want to try it anyway.

    Each Hab module has 10 people in it

    Each house has 20 people in it

    There are 1,800 large solar panels

    SC3 can hold over 5000 people

    I can't do this by my self, I do not have the time to do this. I need people to help me make this humungous megastructure larger than SOL its self.

    To most people this won't seem worth it even with your own plot in Space City 3.

    If you guys are up to it you can join the official Space City 3 Discord server

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  • DylanH121

    Elite Commander Rank

    November 8, 2019 by DylanH121

    In other news, I have officially been promoted to Elite Commander!

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  • DylanH121

    Project Epsilon

    Current Status: CONSTRUCTION PHASE

    The blueprint for the SRCA’s Ion drive powered vessel has been completed. However, the design has not yet been tested and may require revisions. Because of this, the blueprint and additional details regarding the vessel will not be released to the public until the design is thoroughly tested and approved by SRCA High Command. The ship is currently under construction in a classified location in space. More details to follow.

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  • DylanH121

    Project Imperium

    November 3, 2019 by DylanH121

    NOTICE: Due to a naming conflict with planned future projects, Project Imperium has been renamed to Project Epsilon, effective immediately.

    Project Epsilon

    Current Status: PLANNING PHASE

    The SRCA is developing a vessel that uses the most advanced propulsion system available to us today: ion drives. This ship will be big enough to transport a significant amount of cargo as well as a number of small craft, all while consuming minimal amounts of fuel. The ship will be easily reconfigure-able to suit any mission, and can even be weaponized if necessary. Additional details will be provided as the project develops.

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  • Alexanderjp32

    Accident GAT-2

    after voluntary destruction of gateway all manned docked modules was retired but the draco was loosed by aproximaty 1 month even with that wait time draco and the crew was recovered succesfly with a stand alone laboratory,the lab after charge the draco was destroy,the reasons of the crew draco get so far is unknown and a mistery.


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  • Crystalepicness

    Snowflake Station

    October 2, 2019 by Crystalepicness

    Presenting the Snowflake Space Station!

    • 122 parts
    • Produces 581 excess power
    • 183 cargo capacity

    Intended for use as a general purpose station/trading post, the Snoflaje has 6 medbay and 6 oxygen gardens. Because the gardens require large amounts of water, this space station should be placed sommewhere near HOM. Or use a fuel cell system to convert fuel to water & power.

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  • Georgegramm


    September 24, 2019 by Georgegramm

    It finally happened! After 2 years of hard studying I was able to enter the University of my dreams! That however means that the GSA is shutting down all missions until I find time to play again (probably sometime around the next summer). To all of you out there, thank you for letting me be a part of this amazing group of people. Bye!

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  • 3AP Agency

    SS Apex

    September 9, 2019 by 3AP Agency

    Completed on September 15, SS Apex is the flagship of the 3AP agency. It is armed with 10 nuclear missiles, includes 50 ion drives, and can reach top speed within 25 seconds. The ship is en route to a certain planet to secure the perimeter before establishing a full base on said planet. The ship includes multi-spectrum telescopes and antennas, escort fighters, and a fully functional on-board prison to hold criminals.  The ship is currently at DEFCON 3

    Defcon 1 All missiles are armed and fighters are in attack formation, missiles awaiting launch order
    Defcon 2 All missiles are armed and defensive fighters are ready for launch
    Defcon 3 Ship is online and personal are on board but missiles are offline
    Defcon 4 Ship is online in autonomous mode, s…

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  • Ian75

    We know, the space is unlimited. Anything can be happened.

    If you guys have joined SA Discord, you guys may know it will be. We did some RP stuff in discord, some of them was very fun. So I decided to make it as a novel.

    Warning! Because it was made from RP log, so some characters may be "lost" due to afk.

    Yes, because FreeFlight Space Agency afk a lot

    Ian75 - Houston, we have a problem (talk) 11:47, September 1, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    The MLSA has  collapsed due to a descision made by the agency. This was also due to a lack of funds and work being done.

    The dissolving happened on 26 august and a new agency has not begun life yet.

    This includes - 

    • Formation of a new agency - IN PROGRESS
    • The WHOLE user page to be rewritten - IN PROGRESS
    • Deletion of all of of mission projects - IN PROGRESS
    • Deletion of all pictures to do with the MLSA - PROGRESS
    • and a gallery will be set up on the front page of this user - PLANNED

    Thank you for your co operation. 

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This is the first part of a list of constellations I made for the Space Agency night sky.

    Constellations Legend

    1. Draconius - A dragon resembling the Ender Dragon of Minecraft.
    2. Triangulum Orthogonus - A right triangle.
    3. Triangulum Equilaterus - An equilateral triangle.
    4. Triangulum Isoceles - An isoceles triangle.
    5. Fistulus - A water faucet.
    6. Triangulum Minor - A small triangle pertaining to drafting triangles.

    Constellations Description/Trivia

    1. The constellation Cursor represents a player in the Olympic games doing a marathon.
    2. Mucros was the cutlass of a very famous Dorfplatz knight.
    3. Volantem Machina resembles the Space Shuttle.
    4. The constellation Pistris represents a hammerhead shark.
    5. Porcus and Fistulus are "Equatorial Constellations".

    Stars, star clusters, a…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    (In response to:,_Voyager_X)

    I have an image:

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    As the summer solstice ends the EUC-LID-IAN mission will be on the way.

    I have some mission proposals:

    1) The ENC Orbit Rendezvous

    So, I'm going to use a: Tug Module Heavy + LK Lander Legs + Gemini Service + LOK Doc. Mod.

    To land it, I will use the tug to slow it down, then ditch it as a headstart for digging, then land the legs. Then, it will start drilling. In the meantime (while it is landing) a return craft with: Orion Service + Connector Black Arrow + Crew Capsule Dockable will go to ENC and wait for it to finish doing the digging.

    Once the lander drill is done, the ascent stage (Gemini SM + LOK Doc. Mod.) will go to the return craft and bring the samples there. After that, the return craft will fire its engines out of ENC, but into a YEL-c…

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  • TheScientistToBe

    From 2012 to 2017, this game was the pioneer of space-related games.

    But, as you can see now, activity on this wiki has been steadily declining due to the rise of other games. This is not a jab to Andy, but unfortunately, this game has fallen behind significantly due to the rise of other space games, like Spaceflight Simulator and Simple Rockets 1/2. It is indeed a sad decline, but we had fun. I'll still be browsing on this wiki to check in on anything, but I'm sure I'd be inactive until Space Agency 2148 comes out. Almost everyone who was active here in 2017 has now left. I'm one of them. I realized this game was great in concept without competition but it just fell. This is an honest opinion and take on the decline and activity of this wi…

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  • Master JimmyJysk


    August 5, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    SKY is a waypoint of building, similar to a factory. It is the building of where exploration shuttles/spacecraft are created.

    It is also the waypoint of help e.g if a spacecraft is low on fuel in can navigate to SKY (only if the vessel is near to SKY ,say, around 200 units and lower).

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    James Danger

    August 5, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    Plz delete this blog

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Been a While Now

    August 5, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Oh my I made a lot of good edits and pages on this wiki yet no one seems to recognize... thought I would even be a rollback because of my contributions...

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    These are just some good rocket designs based on real-life ones that I want to share with you all.

    Please enjoy!

    The Atlas V is a rocket by the ULA.

    How to build: Delta 4 1st Stage + Ariane 6 Boosters + Delta 4 Connector + Delta 4 Second Stage + Fairing (Medium) or Tug Module (Medium) + Fairing Super Long

    How to build: Atlas V + Space Shuttle Nooleus

    The Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle was the launch vehicle for the Freedom capsules on medium-staged rockets.

    How to build: Nooleus First Stage + Black Arrow Connector + GLV

    To Launch: Discard the first stage halfway through the launch so that the Gemini Service Module runs out of fuel before reaching orbit (sounding rocket).

    Is the launch vehicle of the Cassini and Voyager probes.

    How to build: Titan 2 1s…

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    If you view my User page and go to the missions section you can see that there has been a failure on Lunar 2. This page will explain what exactly happened and WHY it exactly happened.

    Long before the Lunar program the space shuttle Nooleus had been forced to leave STA , to enter orbit around HOM. That was mission 1 of the shuttle transfer and the former final 1 everyone at mission thought. The head of the MLSA agency,Jo houstan had an argument with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, about the transfer. Jo houstan lost the argument and was forced to transfer the Nooleus to the MSS. After realizing that the shuttle could not go onto neither of the 2 docking ports. Then MLSA was forced go launch a station builder to the shuttle (this was b…

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  • Master JimmyJysk

    Delete this blog plz

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    This page is about categorizing the NaviComp Waypoints for the Space Telemetry Headquarters, to make it easier to track objects. Please use the image below as reference (keep in mind the Y-coordinate is inverted).

    1. Near-HOM Waypoints (NHW)

    Inside the green quadrilateral are Near-HOM waypoints, where frequently operated stations are usually located.

    So, STA and MSS are examples of Near-HOM Stations.

    Range: From approx. 500, 500 to 2500, -500

    2. Inner Sollian Waypoints (ISW)

    Inside the yellow quadrilateral are Inner Sollian Waypoints, which are waypoints close to the sun. Further inside is the Boil Line, which begins at 500 NCu from the sun in all directions. All water boils and evaporates into gas once they crossed the line towards the sun.


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  • Master JimmyJysk

    Project Ares

    July 20, 2019 by Master JimmyJysk

    Project Ares is a project to get many lenders on the planet RED(a bit like the Apollo project except on a planet and completed with an N1 rocket.

    Ares 1 (mission 21 in career mode)-Complete

    Ares 2-Failed(reason being that the lander failed to start after landing)

    Ares 3-Completed

    Ares 4-Completed

    Ares 5-Complete

    Ares 6-Failed(reason being that the LOK service when returning to HOM was just only a tiny bit into the escape velocity so instead made a flyby.The crew lost contact after about 10000 units away from HOM.Some say that the spacecraft self detonated others say that the spacecraft entered a planets atmosphere and crashed on to the ocean.)

    Ares 7-Completed

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