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During gameplay (especially during the launch sequence), players will receive (hear) a variety of Audio Cues, keeping them informed as to the status of their rocket or spacecraft and the progress of the maneuvers it performs. The man who voices these cues can be found in the credits.

Typically, these cues are simply informational tidbits, being just a confirmation that a procedure was successful. Sometimes these cues may be instructional as well, and are meant to inform the player that a particular task must be immediately performed to continue gameplay.

A few audio cues are merely sound effects, which indicates whether an action was successful or not.

Audio Cue
T-minus 20 seconds 20 seconds before the launch.
All systems nominal Everything appears normal.
12..11..10 Countdown timer.
Engine start Main engine starts.
Liftoff Swing arms retract and vehicle lifts off without boosters.
Booster ingition and liftoff! Same as above but with boosters.
Tower cleared Vehicle clears the tower.
Commence roll program Vehicle analogue rolls to proper orbital entry angle.
Approaching engine cutoff Low engine fuel.
Booster sep Boosters separate from stage.
Engine cutoff Engine fuel spent.
Stage sep Stage is separated from vehicle.
Skirt sep Any Connector is seperated from vehicle.
Fairing sep Fairing separates from vehicle.
Thruster propellant low Low thruster propellant.
Payload released Payload releases from vehicle.
Docking successful Payload/Vehicle successfully docked.
Vehicle falling Vehicle's altitude is dropping while trying to enter space.
Flight battery low Payload/Vehicle battery low.
No power Trying to use thrusters or engine while Payload/Vehicle battery drained or missing.
Crew module sep Crew reentry vehicle separated.
Parachute enabled Parachute button activated.
Parachute deployed Parachute is open.
60 seconds 60 seconds remaining in missions.
10 seconds 10 seconds remaining in missions.
Out of time Losing all time in a mission.
Mission complete Any missions/tutorials completed.
Mission failed Any tutorials lost.
*Beep* Start and end of some spoken audio cues, mission success.
*Buzzer* Failure to undock, no power, cargo placed too far from origin and all other modules, mission failure, placing wrong parts in the construction.
*Explosion* Part explodes.
*Bonk* Part collides but does not explode.
*Mechanical Clicking and Whirring* Parts or vehicles are in the process of "Hard Docking"
*Slam* A hatch in the vehicle or station has been opened or closed.
*Whoosh* Air is leaving or entering a module/craft.
*Switch* Power switch or fuel valve opened or closed.
*Ocean Waves* Successful splashdown.
*Seagull Noises* Successful splashdown on HOM.


  • The Credits list Tom Lion as the person who supplied voice/vocal content of Mission Control in the game. On the Ask Andy page, Andy admits that he created the voice/vocals with his Mac computer, and he simply made up the name "Tom Lion" for fun.
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