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The Airlock's interior view, with a space suit hanging on a rack.

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Jun 16, 2017: "I wondered who'd spot him first - well done! I'm slowly building towards adding astronauts" - @Nooleus

Astronauts, also known as cosmonauts in Russia, and "taikonauts" in China , are trained by a human spaceflight program to Command, Pilot or serve as a crew member of a spacecraft. These are the brave men and women who travel from HOM to outer space aboard rockets.

They may transfer aboard space stations for extended periods of time to live while they conduct scientific experiments. They may travel around the solar system and beyond in space vessels, visiting other planetary bodies, conducting a multitude of dangerous tasks while aboard their spacecraft. They may undertake short-term resupply missions, delivering desperately needed supplies and equipment to space stations then return to HOM just a few days later.

Regardless of their mission, astronauts play a vital role in the continued exploration of outer space.

The game already has a few "hints" that seem to prove the existence of astronauts:

  • A space suit can be seen in the Airlock in position one.
  • A medical exam table can be seen in the Medical Bay.
  • A reclined G-couch seems to be depicted in the LOK Crew Capsule.
  • Two control panels can be seen inside the Control Room and a control panel can also be seen in the Pod as well.
  • CO2 builds up inside pressurized modules.
  • Oxygen is constantly being depleted.

"Astronaut Dreams" is a blog created by user Angrycat9000, which suggests how astronauts may work.

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