The Ariane 5 Boosters are medium-sized boosters and part of the Ariane 5 rocket, along with the Ariane 5 First Stage. These boosters are solid fuel rocket boosters; meaning, once ignited, they can not be shut down until they run out of fuel (when the fuel is exhausted, they are automatically jettisoned).

The rocket is succeeded by the Ariane 6. A rocket based off the Ariane 5. It is part of the Ariane rocket family, with the previous rockets being the:


Built by the ESA(European Space Agency), meant to succeed the previous Ariane rocket in the family, Ariane 4, It had its first test flight in 1996 and it's first complete success in 1998. Built on trial and error, it is a highly reliable launcher with multiple successes as well as launching high priority space missions for the ESA such as the Rosetta mission, the Herschel space observatory, and Bepi Colombo.


  • Some of the flags on these boosters are inaccurate, as they are simplified versions.
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