The Ariane 5 is a medium-sized rocket, which can be used to launch most all payloads into space.

It is assembled as follows:

1. Ariane 5 First Stage
2. Ariane 5 Boosters
3. Tug Module (Medium)
4. Payload
5. Either Medium Fairing, Medium Fairing Long or Medium Fairing Super Long


  • The Ariane 5 is one of the main rockets currently launching payloads, along with Falcon 9 and Soyuz rockets. The normal launch weight of an Ariane 5 rocket is roughly 780 metric tonnes, while it can put payloads of up to 20 metric tons into LEO and 10 metric tons into GEO. Its launch site is the Guiana Space Centre, in French Guiana, France. Also launched there are Soyuz and Vega launch vehicles.
  • It will eventually be replaced by its next generation upgrade: the Ariane 6.
  • The launch schedule of the Ariane rocket can be found here.

Ariane 5 on launch crawler

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