The Airlock is a station module which serves as an entrance and egress location aboard a space station. It contains six Cargo slots, which are pre-filled with three Oxygen Tanks and three Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers. These cargo modules are not exchangeable in the Vehicle Assembly Building, like is possible with certain other modules which come pre-loaded with cargo. It uses 30 power while powered on.

It is a heavy module, like the Refuel Silo and Station Module Large, and thus needs a large or powerful rocket (Saturn V, N1-LK-LOK or SLS) to launch.

Airlock interior

The interior view reveals that it possesses four numbered areas, one of which appears to contain an astronaut's spacesuit hanging on a holding rack.

Andy Barry, Space Agency's creator, has announced that astronauts are a forthcoming feature to be added to the game in the near future. This module will become of more benefit when this happens.

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