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A manned ADS, as viewed by a Pod.
A manned ADS, as viewed by a Pod.

NaviComp name ADS
NaviComp coordinates

X: 601
Y: -1477


The ADS or Asteroid Detection System is a station constructed by the player during Career Mode for the purpose of detecting and tracking asteroids. While completing missions, it is learned that the ADS along with the Space Telescope discovered the planets EMA, KAT, and JOR.

Mission Prescence[]

Mission 17 begins the initial construction and uses a Resupply Module Dockable to place an ADS Core Module at the pre-selected location.

Capture 2018-03-09-08-59-06-1

The diagram showing how to connect the ADS Sensor Wings in Mission 20

With Mission 20, 2 ADS Sensor Wings are added.

Mission 29 expands the station by adding 2 Large Solar Panels, a Control Room and a Pod.

SpaceAgency 11272017191832

The finished upgrade to ADS, after completing Mission 34

Finally, Mission 34 further adds more station modules; to-wit, an Orion Crew Capsule with a Service Module, and an ISAAC Module.

From ADS you can get to HOM(800) and KAT (830).


ADS's modules colored by the mission they're added


  • As of Version 1.9,5, the ADS does not actually perform any task (it doesn't track asteroids).
    • The ADS Core Module, though it resembles a typical station module, is unpressurized, that means the Control Room and the ISAAC Module will remain depressurized unless the station gets upgraded in a sandbox (or in a possible future Career mission). The same applies to the Resupply Module, docked in the right sensor wing of the station.
    • The air supply of both the Orion capsule and the Pod is limited, that means if they end, there will be no air for the astronauts to breathe. This can also be fixed through the aforementioned methods.
  • If the player goes south of the ADS in a near-perfect vertical line, and then launch the spacecraft at max speed, you will find the original location of the Space Shuttle in a few minutes.